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  1. Here's some info on the Classic Tetris European Championship (CTEC) 2018 (copy-paste from Chrisstoffer, the organizer):

    Hey people!! A main request was the date as soon as possible! Here it is!!!

    14/15th of September 2018!

    Once again it is hard and fun work organizing and planing and FINALLY there is a date.

    I will make a Retro Expo on the Saturday (little version of what Vince and Co does in Portland/CTWC) with the hope of bigger audience.

    We have had to accept to devide the tournament into two locations again (Bip Bip Bar Friday and DGI Byen Saturday) to meet the wishes of the venueholders for the finals and Retro Expo. Bip Bip Bar will have grown into a two floor venue by then!

    Both locations are easy accessible from the main station.

    Hope to see you. I really love this community.

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Bip Bip Bar + DGI Byen
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  2. Muf


    Volunteering for this again, we're going to make it awesome. That will be all for now :D
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  3. Holy shit. I am already saving to make it to this event. Thanks to all who host it!
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  4. I'm hyped! Gonna be awesome.
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