Records: DEATH 500+ (clones welcome!)

Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 13 May 2011.

  1. 500-999
  2. Ai


    Oh wow Caithness! You should totally get that m in T.A. Death. ^^
  3. I'm so far away from that it's not funny.
  4. >averages 37.94s a section
    >says he's far from M

    Wait what?
  5. I can only average that when the game forces me to. In 0-500 my average is more like 50s per section.
  6. [​IMG]

    On keyboard, done while slightly drunk. Felt extremely easy. 0-500, on the other hand, has become terrible for me now...sigh, well at least it's cool that I can do sudden 500 and sudden ti 700 well now. xP
  7. [​IMG]

    After two weeks of training, I have finally broken the last barrier between me and death Gm rank (and have survived the credit roll too)
    Gm rank, here I come !
  8. COL


    Congrats for both of you!!
    Cyberguile, did you step-reset a lot? (more than 3:20 seems strange actually)
  9. I did take my time before clearing the first line (didn't realise that when you use edo's cheat, the game doesn't go from 501 to 502 before you clear one line)
  10. C'mon...

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  11. Muf


    Play less Quake Live and you'll get it :awe:
  12. Never mind :D


    It's hilarious how everything is so absolutely similar.
  13. True that. You even got the same score...
  14. Really weird to watch you play because it feels like your stacking is significantly better than mine, yet you lose out because every so often you get into "stressful" situations and misdrop/don't have enough time to make good placements.

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