Records: DEATH 500+ (clones welcome!)

Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 13 May 2011.

  1. Thanks man, but I feel I need more experience to have a more regular stacking, without those stressful situations as you said. Besides, it really looks like I got lucky waiting for the line pieces and whatnot (That move at 805 makes me smile every time 'cause it's so ridiculous).
  2. Yeah, I would never try something like that unless I was sure I absolutely needed it *laughs*

    I think part of it is also because I have a habit of stacking very "pointy", making columns 4 5 6 very high, so when I see players play more flat it always seems a lot neater. ^^;
  3. And yet another cruel 998.


    Only died, because I'm retarded. I don't get how I failed that simple DAS move.
  4. Done it in 3:08:96.

    Video : [​IMG]

    A very lucky run in my opinion, but I will strive for a second 500-999
  5. Very nice, now go get yourself a Gm while I try to beat your time here :sneaky:

    These just keep coming (avoidable death though) :D

    Edit #2:
    I man-locked the whole first section (=> terribly unclean game) and in the end when I noticed I had still some room for mistakes.
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  6. orz


    i almost broke my record at this a while ago and my time was 2:25:xx and i topped out at like 997 lol
  7. Managed to improve my time by a few seconds:

  8. Then I guess this video will serve to congratulate and compliment you steadshot. Death 500 really is a domain in which I cannot defeat you :)

  9. How do you enter the cheat to start at 500 in MAME? My R4 broke so I can't play ltap-nds any more.
  10. @Qlex:
    Well, you lost about six seconds at the level stop before 900, so you could possibly defeat me, but I'm glad I'm ahead for now. ;)

    It's not an in-game cheat. You need this cheat file and to start the game with -cheat, then you'll have access to all cheats in the menu.
  11. Alright, it took me a bit of time, but I eventually got sub 2:50!


    Fairly happy that I managed to manlock without losing focus this much, I did get pretty lucky in some situations and got the piece I wanted... I imagine that's a thing with the TAP randomizer haha
  12. oof. your post destroyed me Qlex :rolleyes:
    after 1h of play...
  13. Not sure what you mean by destroyed, but amazing! You're just unstoppable on Death lol
  14. FeV


    951 @ 2:48:28

    Wish this challenge saw some more attention, I will be going for 999 soon I think ;)
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  15. I still play it regularly, I just haven't gotten a new record in a really long time.
  16. [​IMG]

    First time doing it on MAME
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  17. FeV


    Yeah! That was brilliant. It should have been a few seconds faster too, but unfortunately the stupid clone has a bug where you have to clear a line twice at 999. I really should try and get shmupmame working soon so I can get a real Gm now :biggrin:

    Edit: Got 2 more 999s today, including a 3:14:98 where I got level stopped at the end for like 10 seconds >.<
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  18. FeV


    It was pretty overdue for me to improve my 3:03 from earlier this year... I only manually locked in the last section but had a seriously clean game with almost no lasting mistakes. Time to combine this with a sub3 first half -.-
  19. FeV



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