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  1. Chalk up a 368 for me! I haven't played death in months, but I'm starting to remember what I loved about it....

    Still, I already miss Master! :p
  2. COL


    very impressive Batfly! Besides, on the vid it sems it was easy! Are you able to perform it whenever you want (or almost)?
  3. That was amazing. Congrats on the new record
  4. I meant I was recording them all on paper. Though I do run it through a batch script that creates .inp files for every single run.

    Means that I generally exit and restart every five or six games or so, meaning if I want to record a video of one of my later runs I don't have to wait through quite so many games.
  5. 581 @ 3:50:73

    Bah. I had a nice, clean stack at 550 and threw it all away due to nerves. This could've been a much better game.

    Still, I can't complain too much about a new personal best.
  6. @Rosti: Ah, good. I used to write my games down on paper as well. I think I have a scan from 2008 available. But now (for Death log) I just push F12 for screenshot after each death.

    Anyway, I'd like to actually record .inp's myself. Could you show me how your bat-files look like?
  7. my best m for the carnival for now :) :

  8. Ai


    435 @ 3:xx:xx
  9. COL


    You improved your personal best: good Job!
    500 soon?
  10. [​IMG]

    First 300+ round of Carnival! ATATATATATATATATATATA
  11. Haha, thanks alot. :)
    Sweden, just like Ai already answered, I didnt want to seem to be ignoring though. Just confirming.
    I had done one more Gm in MAME roughly the same time as the other one, in MAME, slightly over 6 min that is. I think that made 3 in MAME up to that point. But I have had since then a ton of games that were quite a bit faster than that (estimated Gm time if finished ~5:45 or something like that), but that I have not been able to finish. Dying between 790 and 890 or such was pretty common on good runs, but there were alot of moves that easily "slipped" (I dont know if this is a good description really haha, but) out of control, when I started realizing 'Hey, this is going great'. That seems to be alot more manageable in this lagless version. I'm guessing, but I think it is pretty accurate to say that raw speed increase between the MAME versions are something like 10 seconds for me maybe? But the confidence to pull of certain odd, bizarre and clumsy moves increases too so, haha. Hard to judge exactly, it was by all measures just a pretty good run for me. In Texmaster I have had a few in the 5:4X range earlier, so that kind of tells the story too maybe, not sure.

    Short version: Yeah, one MAME Gm to the next was something like a 30 second difference, but yeah, that doesn't really tell the whole story, haha.

    I hope my english isn't a problem to understand, that was quite a block of long sentences.
    Thanks you!!

    I don't know about easy, but sure felt easier and more relaxed then the last time, haha. Unfortunately I still doubt that, but I really havent played the new MAME enough to really tell what difference in consistency it makes. I will have to get back to you on that. ;)
    Thank you very much!
  12. New Carnival best: 405 @ 2:52.38
  13. Ai


    I didn't even know it was a personal record. The more I play, the more I realize that reaching level 500 will not happen during the Carnival. I'm overwhelmed by the level 400 speed and level 300 speed isn't easy either. Knowing this I will still try very hard get as close to level 500 as possible, but I'm not expecting anything extraordinary anymore.

    This is normal I guess. I neglected this mode for far too long. After the event I'll keep playing more regularly to do something about it. ^^;
  14. Your picture isn't loading for me.
  15. Muf


    323 @ 2:37:01
  16. And it's another new record from me!


    Switched to stick, and have been playing with it all day. Started manlocking, which I found to be much easier on stick than on keyboard.
    This was going to be my last game (but since the clock was over midnight I had to count it towards day 5 of the carnival) before going to bed and it turned out to be a new record. It was kind of a shock, because I hadn't really been over 200 more than once the entire day. (check log)
    I feel like I could have kept locking for a while longer, but I wanted to play it safe.

    Also, I had just played with some bat-scripts for mame so VIDEO is coming! :awe:
    Edit: Here it is, enjoy!
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  17. 720 @ 04:26:58
  18. mat


    gettin' there. 15 or so M games.
  19. New all time record for me:
    464 @ 03:58:66
    (Bronze AC (1 bravo) and SK (5 Tetrises) medals, Silver ST (42 < section time < 47 seconds))
  20. Finally had a decent game for once. 430, 3:05:20.

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