Death Toll 2013

Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 25 Mar 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. My japanization has not been completed yet so the time is 5:49 not 4:49. :)
    Hi K!
  3. I'm upgraded slightly now to 613...
  4. COL


    Gm in 6:23:38
  5. Meh, I don't have a lot of time in my hands, I've been super busy (busy enough to cancel the meeting with you guys =( ), but here goes nothing :

  6. Code:
     steadshot --------- 631 @ 4:09:86  |

    Still playing keyboard for now, until I get a 750+.
    colour_thief, could you put last year's death toll in the opening post for comparison?
  7. A modest improvement to 698 today for me.
  8. 500 in 3:54.60
  9. K


    i don't know for you, but so much frustration for me D:
  10. 698 too hahaha
  11. YES! Constantly getting SK silver takes away some of the pain, but still.
  12. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    No level improvement (maxed out at 999) but here's my updated time.


    That's my 3rd GM in as many days. WOO!
  13. K


    KIL --------- 798 @ 5:17:61 D:
  14. How does it feel to be narrowly beaten by a DualShock player! Hueuhehuehueuhehuehue. :twisted: :sowsuser: :twisted: :sowsuser: :twisted:

    jp, ilu KIL :wub: :fantagrape:

    I should repent for going this far into the week without any PCB play. :( I've been dragging my feet on moving the TV that's nicer for supergun play out of the closet and getting it all hooked up somewhere...
  15. 727 --- 4:46:23

    I'm doing better than I expected!
  16. 806

    I might actually pull this off!
  17. 705 !
    and 7 more M ranks
  18. K


    KIL ------- 849 @ 05:32:50

    at least i can still break torikan sub 3min :\
  19. 842 @ 5:16.11

    Oh, Sanwa... what a beauty. It has been too long! :D I am a bit unaccustomed to it by this point, my manipulations are still aggressive from so much time on rough American-style equipment. I need to regain my delicate touch! ;) As it stands, bouncebacks are a bit of a danger beyond 500.
  20. COL


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