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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Uli, 20 Oct 2011.

  1. Uli


    Hi forum,
    after just a little bit of persuasion I decided to give my thumbs a break and play TGM for a bit ... I am not good in thinking stuff through, so I bought a Fightstick TE for Xbox360 straight away. but now there is a - not too bad - issue.

    Mame does not recognise the thing, although Windows 7 tells me all is ok.
    Is that a known issue?

    1. What should I do?
    2. Is there something I have to switch on in MAME (I used it the first time this week, I am using "mame32FXpp")?
    3. For now I use xpadder (which works for now) to map keyboard keys on the stick, is that ok or do I have to look out for something, or is there something better?

  2. In Options > Default Game Options > Controllers, make sure that "Enable joystick input" is checked. From there, it should recognize the controller when you go to configure inputs in from the Tab menu in-game. If that doesn't do the trick, we can do a bit more troubleshooting to see what's up.

    As a side note, make sure you have the switch on the controller set to D-Pad mode rather than Left Stick or Right Stick -- LS/RS settings have some input filtering that introduces lag, while DP is just raw 8-way inputs.

    Also, have you switched the joystick to 4-way? That's a big one for TGM. Just holler if you need the instructions to get that set up. :)
  3. Did you check the menu Options/Default Game options.../Controllers/Enable Joystick input ?
    By pressing TAB when you're on Mame, you can set different options for your controllers.

    Have a try and let us know :)
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  4. The old versions of MAME don't work with the FSTE for me. Try using ShmupMAMETGM.
  5. I haven't had a problem with 99u4 and the FSTE/FightPads, but I'm also using the custom XBCD+ drivers. I can't remember if this was always the case or not.
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You can try, but for me on every PC I tried, ShmupMAMETGM doesn't run TGM1 properly, it is unplayable.
  7. I always used ZiNc with either ZiNcGUI or ZiNcTGM. As for MAME versions, maybe a more recent MAME or non-TGM ShmupMAME would do the trick -- the TGM version does something more CPU intensive, iirc.
  8. Try shmupmame v2.2, it's the best emulated version of tgm1 so far (even though it's still lame compared to the pcb).
    As for your stick, if it works with xpadder, it's perfect, makes it lag less. However, the problem you describe might be solved just by switching to a more recent version of mame (ie shmupmame v2.2 ^^)
  9. Uli


    thank you all for your answers.
    I tried a few of your proposals and I will stick to shmupmame v2.2 for now because it just works (I am not good enough though to feel any lag).
    Merci monsieur.
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  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    For TGM2 I use shmupmame and I have no doubt in my head that it is the best..
    But can you tell me WHY every shmupmame I tried for TGM1 was the worst crap ever and impossible to play..We all know that I have enough power in my laptop so the trouble can´t come from that..

    Was I using the wrong stuff ? What does mean the prefixe "shmup" ?
  11. Uli


    Next Question,
    when I move the Joystck to one side, it bounces back so far that to register a move in the opposite direction as well.

    Is this common with the FSTE?
    If yes, what do you do to avoid this?

  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    The bounce back is a problem known by a lot of people, especialy me who have been complained for that several time..Some people add some greace inside the mechanism to increase the viscosity and slow down the spring recall..
    Or, I can promise that by the time, your hands will unconsciously find the good position to avoid it.
  13. Uli


    The promise sounds better, merci.
  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I just tried the suggested shmupmame 2.2, and still the same constatation : unplayable. Even after trying to remove every antialiasing or filtering effect..Reducing the sound quality, etc..I am using a new powerfull PC at my work which runs on XP..

    Hey, you should take your time in carefully analyse the rendering of the game, depending if you decide to use my version of this shmupmame. Believe me, I tried in MANY ways to make TGM1 runs on shmupsmame good as EVERYBODY says, but without success. It is strange, nobody want to listen to me but I have the best emulated completion time of the world today in using my MAME. Anyway*....
    The reason I think, whick makes people ignoring my recommendation, is that the MAME I use is almost 7 years old, and the other version cyberguile want you to use is only 1 or 1,5 years old...So in everybody´s mind, it seems absolutly impossible that a so old MAME can be better.

    *Pas mal hein ? Je n´ai meme pas besoin de me forcer ca sort tout seul..:awe:
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