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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 1 Mar 2008.


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    Ah, it's because I just never bothered to play Ti-World on Master G4 that's all. [​IMG]

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    All rotation systems other than Ti-ARS, Ti-World, DRS, and DS-World will have their leaderboards scrapped. The little variations in these other systems make everything too arbitrary and are not worth the trouble. Those who are playing on them should move on to the more distinguished and arguably better systems.

    The Level/sec stat has also been removed because the speeds vary so greatly from 0-999, making the stat sort of pointless. The leaderboards have been streamlined to reflect this.
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    2 people on DS WORLD was so many that you decided to separate jono and gs68 ?

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    [​IMG] I forgot to change the title to DRS. Copy and paste FTW!
  5. Ray Ayanami tames DRS some more...

  6. [​IMG]

    The children are drowning.
  7. DS-World
    S7, 858 @ 7:24:40

    I should learn to walk before I run.

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    Just to keep you on your toes Kevin. [​IMG]

  9. You two had very similar next piece setups...

    Is DSWorld even fun in heboris? I haven't tried it much.

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    What's interesting is that there is no ARE. This allows really fast sub-20G times and results in some really frantic 20G speeds.
  11. Heboris is doing that stupid thing where it displays the wrong grade in Leaderboards...of course I have the replay so I'll just screencap that tomorrow.


    Master O!!!

  12. [​IMG]

    Wish Hebo didn't map C to 180, and just did the "press 2 buttons to do a 180" thing.
  13. m:)

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    ohh... i was on track to hit 500 in under 6:00 but i slipped around 400 and started getting a lot of singles trying to fix my stack. i'm just trying to force an increase in speed at this point.


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    Awesome run. [​IMG] Not only did you beat your grade by 1, you did it 300+ levels faster and shaved minutes off in doing so.
  15. [​IMG]

    No replay...being the fucking tool I am I mashed my buttons in joy and hit B AFTER SELECTING THE FUCKING REPLAY SLOT TOO!!!!!

    Of course, it's in the records so I could...send the playerdata.sav if you really need that much proof? lol
  16. Anyone wannna try out DRS-that-isn't-really-DRS-because-it-has-floor-kick-in-this-game? Anyone?

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    Hehehe, I guess you raised my curiosity a bit so I had to try this mode out again, Kevin.

    Link to the video.

    If it didn't have the column shifting mechanic, then I would have given it a chance. And ARE-canceling is just a little irritating for me as it disrupts my rhythm.
  18. Please, play DRS on 20G #G4, I can not stand it for sub 20G..
    DIGITAL you are a fucking bastard..But watch out, this is not enough to protect your position from an eventual counter attack of me.
  19. jujube

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    is that really going to help? [​IMG] i think the endgame screenshot is the best proof you could provide.

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    You're right. I think the grading seems to put a huge emphasis on the M-Roll. You could probably make much fewer tetrises than I did on that last run and still get into the M grades if you play really well in the roll. So if you want to know where best to attack, that would be it.

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