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    Hey, i was hoping to get a general idea of how old everyone is. I get the feeling that i play a lot of teens on DS but i think the most reliable opponents are like.... 19-25 cuz we grew up with it in our formative years.... i'm 23.
  2. I'm 16, and first played Tetris on my (original, chunky) Game Boy when it first came out, and later on my NES and have been an addict ever since
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    The original gameboy came out in 1989- before you were born.

    I'm 29. The original gameboy came out when I was in 8th grade. Thus began my Tetris addiction, although I only really played causally until Tetris DS.
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    I'm 16 (turning 17 in 5 days). I barely played tetris at all untill tetris ds... Which makes me wonder how I've beaten all the modes of the game more than anyone else here (excluding mission mode).
  5. Twenty as of two weeks ago. Played this game over a decade's worth (when I first picked it up is a little blurry, as I remember playing both GB and Microsoft Tetris). Started playing seriously seven years ago.
  6. i'm 27. I first saw/played tetris on my brother's macintosh computer. That must have been around late '88/early '89. Then, I remember renting it for NES(it turned out that I rented the tengen version). Then I bought the nintendo version in late '89, and was officially hooked. I got a gameboy sometime the next year, but was never that impressed with the GB tetris compared to NES. I've got a good 15 years under my belt, adding The New Tetris into the mix along the way and most recently Tetris Worlds (PS2). Most likely I will soon be joining the Tetris DS crowd as well.

  7. 16 and my first Tetris game was the Microsoft Windows version when I around 5. I hated it and never played Tetris again until maybe 5 years ago and didn't really get into it until recently.

    (I'm 17 now >_>)
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    23 here. I can't remember when I was first introduced to Tetris, kinda like how you can't remember the first time you heard a swear word or rode in a car... it's like it's always been there.

    Though, I think it most definitely involved the Game Boy version of Tetris; either Toys R Us had it playing in one of their Game Boy kiosks, a friend of mine had it on the field trip bus one day, or because my dentist had Game Boys for us to play while we waited.

    Anyways, I'm glad it exists, it's probably one of the only games I'm really good at. Well, that and other puzzle games like Lumines. Since then I've played an infinite number of versions of Tetris, so far my favorite version is Tetris DX. After being able to play Tetris where I can slide the Tetrimino for a few seconds after it touches down, I can't go back.
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    I'm 17, will be 18 in November. I first played Tetris when I was 3; we got our Gameboy on Christmas '91, and Tetris came with it.
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    27. Get off my lawn you little punks
  13. 23

    *wonders if Jago will post and take the (birthday) cake*
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    21 - First Tetris game was on a brand new gameboy Christmas of either 89 or 90 (don't remember which). There's a chance I played it on the Nintendo before that, but if I did, it was very short, and not memorable. (I would have been pretty young).

    We ain't *that* young, and just think, two of the biggest TDS sites now (tetris concept and blockstats) are being run by a 20 and 21 year-old respectively.

  15. Yeah, saying "when it first came out" was a badly phrased way of saying the first version of Tetris on the game boy, not a later version such as "Tetris Blast" or "Tetris 2".
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    35 (36 real soon). Seems like im the old gamer. oh well, tetris spans the ages, no?

    Oh, and I first played tetris way back in 1992, on an macintosh computer. Then I played it off and on when the arcade machine came out. I wasn't into it as much as my friends were. I got hooked on it when it came out on the original game boy though.
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    oops, i meant to say, I first played Tetris in 1988, my freshman year of college. Man, t his old age thing is getting to me.
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    We had Macs in every classroom of my high school (this was the early 90s). I was too busy playing the hell out of Risk to bother with Tetris =/
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    There's been quite a few versions of Tetris for the Mac. The three I can think of are Tetris Max, which is pretty damn simple.... and two others I can't remember the names of. One of them used items (like there was a piano item that smashed through a single column of bricks), and another one involved dragons or something. Hmmm...

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