How to avoid or otherwise overcome "peaking."

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    good point Rosti, but that's why there's a discussion section for each page, in case anything is confusing. recently someone complained that they couldn't understand the T-spin page, so Lardarse and i did some work on it.

    for me it helps to have diagrams for learning something, especially tetris related things. i wouldn't even know how to explain T-spins to someone without using pictures [​IMG]
  2. See, all offensive "advice" from Jago notwithstanding, I'd really like to call for some kind of step-by-step "player's guide," where various techniques are introduced/learned in a "proper" order or what have you. As a rough example:

    Tetromino introduction -> line clearing -> Tetrises -> T-spins -> T-spin setups, etc.

    At the same time, I don't want to make something like this myself, largely due to a lack of time and, really, knowledge. I could go and read all of the Wiki pages, but that obviously won't turn me into a better player outright.
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    I still think Jago is right though, whether you take offence in what he says or not. There is no magical guide that will make you better at the game, the best you can do is just watch good people play, play a lot yourself, and most importantly notice your own improvements and subsequently focus on them. If you stall, focus on another aspect of gameplay. If after that you still stall, take a break. You will be fresh for more learning when you get back into the game.
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    the only problem is that tetris games and modes differ so much, from single player to multiplayer, ARS to SRS, building squares to making T-spins to making no-kick T-spins.

    what if there was a "relevant techniques" section for each game page, like the Tetris DS page for example, with links to pages with information more useful to a TDS player?

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