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  1. tetrisdude

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    Who is Pluto and why did he just take 1st AND 2nd place...In th ranks. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Whoa.

    Looks like a bit peeved at being demoted from a planet. >_>
  3. He most likely just figured out where the rating is stored in the game save, and changed it. Honestly, I'm pretty surprised nobody did this earlier.
  4. tetrisdude

    tetrisdude Unregistered

    jeez..thats so messed up!
  5. tepples

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    Probably because the saves in some other games are encrypted.
  6. Good point. It could be that he found where the rating is stored in memory before the savegame is updated (using the AR tools, perhaps) and changed that instead. At any rate, he didn't get there by playing games, as that would have taken far too long.
  7. I cant wait to play him and recieve my 200 point bonus.
  8. Check out how fast he loses all his points and then pops back up again in blockstats. He's really flooding the system with points. [​IMG]
  9. GTy is the most irritating cheater. By miles.

    It's bad enough to cheat into a top 10 spot, but to repeatedly do it with reset games, so that you take up about 10 top 100 places it just plain wrong. If I ever met him, I would kick his ass. He's probably some dumbass 9 year old or something.

    Strange how something so simple can stir up so much animosity in me towards someone I've never even met.
  10. Nah, there are just multiple people on the leaderboard named "Pluto". If only he was flooding the system with points.

    Unrelated note: the Tetris DS rating system is even weirder than I realized. Check out the official Nintendo leaderboards, and jump down into the quickly becomes apparent that not all ratings are possible. For example, there are almost 100 people with ratings of 6497, another 100 or so with ratings of 6494, but nobody with ratings of 6495 or 6496. This doesn't seem to happen at the high end, where people can gain a single rating point for a win.
  11. Billmaan, I noticed that pattern with the scores a while ago. It definately seems odd, but could provide an insight into how the score works. I quite frequently notice being at the same scores (7575, 7477, 7737 for example) The impossible numbers seem to change as well. I'd swear I've been at numbers which are now 'impossible' to acheive
  12. I figured it was just a problem with the hub not displaying people whose scores fall into those "impossible" ranges.

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