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Thread in 'Competition' started by DDRKirby(ISQ), 30 Dec 2009.

  1. [​IMG]


    notice the big stack of pieces on the left. I was just waiting for an I piece at the end -_-. I need to get better at finishing.
  2. Ai



    Sorry for taking so long. Hopefully sub 2 minutes soon. I'll play the other modes later! ^^
  3. Hooray! :D Keep trying; it'll get easier with practice ;)
  4. Ai


    I'll be playing the 2 minutes mode from now on until I can clear 40 lines. Haven't played Big Mode very much yet, but I'll post what I have so far.




    Sorry about that! ^^;
  5. Uhm, you just reposted the 40-lines normal screenshot that you posted before xD

    edit: nvm, you ninja'd me. xD
  6. Ai



  7. [​IMG]

    this feels a little unusual^^
  8. Hooray, another player! :D

    It definitely takes a while to get used to--that's why I implemented practice mode =) Make sure you take advantage of "relative" positional placement when you can so you can avoid having to do the entire process of translation from position to key name to keyboard position to finger...
  9. i like the idea of this game. :)

    probably the most difficult thing for me is to look out for the left orientation - i think i will try centeraligned now..
    a question, do you rotate only with one hand or with both depending on wich section you fill? this would probably be best, but i dont think i could do that very soon xD

    also, i nearly hit 2 minutes now:
  10. That's great improvement; keep it up!

    For me I started learning on left orientation and am much more comfortable with it now, so it's what I'm sticking to. Though, I started learning 40-key mode with center orientation because at the time Typing Tetromino only offered that mode. I think it's mainly just a matter of personal preference--try them both and see whichever one feels more natural to you.

    As for rotation, I always rotate using the opposite hand of the one used for placement. The main advantage of this is that you never run into situations where, for example, you have to press R and then F with the same finger (finger repeats are awkward!)

    I actually have yet to incorporate 180-degree rotation into my play; I always just double-tap the rotate key instead >_<. It's something I work on every so often, but still a bad habit.
  11. [​IMG]

    Big mode is really exciting o_o
  12. Broke 2 Minutes :)
  13. Ai


    Nice progress Free. I'll need to play more frequently to get a similar result. Playing a little once in a while clearly won't do. I still only use one rotation button, but I'll try to use both now that I'm a little more familiar with the game. ^^
  14. I use only one rotation button, too (wich is o). i still have to think too much (wich column now). i think the next rotation button should be w, to have a balanced input and 2 rotations. ;)

    oh, and i stick with left-aligned, i can never guess for pieces with a 2/4 length..
  15. Nice!

    -one- rotation button? Come on now; Three is ideal, two is acceptable, but how can any TGM player use one?? =P

    Free, your KPT is a little high though, haha. Do you abuse hold a lot?

    edit: durrr, ninja'd. Well no wonder you have high KPT if you one use one rotation button xD
  16. yes, i just wanted to point out the empty hold box in my screenshot^^ i dont use hold at all, thanks to deep drop. Aaand i probably save 0.2 seconds because i need 1 less piece to finish :)

    but you are both tight, maybe its time to practice with more rotation buttons in endless mode and go for perfect placement rather than speed..
  17. I definitely don't go for perfect placement xD (Working on it)

    Hold helps me a lot though; I really like to abuse it.
  18. Ai


    I also use O for rotation. I know it's a real shame, but I still prefer to only use the A and B buttons for rotation in TGM games. Using C at higher gravity is hard for me, as a result I rarely use C when I'm playing seriously. I could correct this bad habbit by practicing while using 3 rotation buttons more frequently, but I'm a lazy person.

    Nice! I usually restart when the stack is messed up. I'll use deep drop from now on to correct misdrops. ^^
  19. 40 lines, 40-key, left-aligned, history(6roll), deep drop enabled, column clamp enabled, double hold enabled, 70.797 seconds, 52 pieces, 44.07 TPM, 52 keys (BIG mode)
  20. [​IMG]

    Also I -just- noticed this, but Caithness, is there a reason that your J pieces are Purple instead of Blue in your screenshot? o_o guess it must be an apple thing...

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