Records: [KeyBlox] 40 Lines and 2 Minutes

Thread in 'Competition' started by DDRKirby(ISQ), 30 Dec 2009.

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    Now with 3 rotations (and 180°). 60tpm was also one of my goals for this game, so im happy for the moment :) ill see what i can do with 40key now..
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    Marginal improvement in time, but a great improvement in TPM. There's hope for me yet ^^;
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    Yay incremental improvements!
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    yay incremental incremental improvements!
  5. damn, practicd mode off? i hit 55 today with 40 key, but i cant even get below 70 with practice mode off. i think when i hit 45 in practice mode on ill be able to turn off practice mode and there wil be no effect
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  7. 60s. 40 key mode;
  8. i'mma get u real good :/
  9. 56.390

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