level 19 100 line records?

Thread in 'Competition' started by wasmachstdugern, 21 May 2014.

  1. anyone beside ben keep track of this? my record so far is 441,200 in 99 lines (its the last game of the video). anyone else wanna chime in?
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  2. My best is 440,412 with a pic and with video, which is somewhere, is 436,400.

    The john Byram pic is a little hard to say with certainty as I cant recall what those last 4 lines were. I would have to give a range of 395,200 to 416,000ish but I think it was >400
  3. 442.800 in 100 lines, ended 520.800 in 119 -_-
    I'll probably upload the video.
  4. 482k at 100 lines (476k at 99 lines) probably doesn't make sense to do fractions in this case

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  5. This is too good, great job man. I would have to look but I think my 100 line sprint PR is only 438k.
  6. 502,400 at 100 lines. (484,400 at 97 lines and 1 tetris)

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  7. 510,403


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