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Thread in 'Competition' started by Omio9999, 24 Jun 2016.

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  2. I'm not sure if we should dilute the special annual event of the Carnival of Death, but an idea I briefly passed around stream chats a couple months ago was to have another tgm2 event for master mode on 8/45 (I.e. 9/14). That would be near your birthday too!
  3. Maybe. Might change over to that if it seems dead over the next few days - and if I decide on that (prolly Wednesday), this thread'll get revamped right over.
  4. Yeah not sure how I feel about another death event. I feel the carnival is a sacred event and worth waiting a full year for. :)
    Master/TGM+ would be better perhaps?
    Also me and a few others talked about a shirase thing last year on 2/28 for the 10th anniversary of TGM3 but it never caught on sadly.
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  5. I'd be all for anything that gets more people to play TGM+
  6. Yeah just make sure people are on board with your competition/event before you kick it off :)

    I'm still new here but I'd agree The Carnival is sacred
  7. TGM+ would be a great shout - overlooked game and I'd say a lot of good players (myself included) have still yet to actually 999 it. It's deceptively hard as balls.
  8. Alrighty, mods. Nix the thread.
  9. Gravedigging this death row thread because I want this to happen. Anyone else who wants to do this?
  10. You bold little schmuck. xD
    I'm totally in.

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