mihara tweeted about tgm twice today

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    The darius port is based off a homebrew someone was working on. M2 took it over and polished it up. This is CONFIRMED.

    Having played the tetris port, it is HIGHLY accurate, with the extended features promised. The so called hard drop isn't isn't, though. it's simply a forced 1g drop with auto lock.

    Only difference is it doesn't have the poweron pattern that the arcade does. it is otherwise bug for bug compatible. it plays exactly the same.
  2. Even the row 20 bug, where clearing a double or more with blocks in row 20 leads to row 20 being copied down?
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    You know, i didn't try that. I should.

    but the bug that the sequence is repeated in two player mode until both game over is present, as I said. i've even skill stopped a soft drop same as on MAME.
  4. Fiddled around with the ROM a little bit. My comments:
    * The randomiser is the same as in System 16 but it's seeded differently (the seeding routine is cycled once per frame when in the menus), so there is no power-on pattern. The 1000 piece buffer is present.
    * The hard drop is a proper hard drop, not the 1G drop seen in the 1989 MD version. I don't know how zaphod checked, I checked simply by assigning it to the Up button.
    * I doubt M2 are aware of nightmareci's work, considering they already have all the Sega Tetris stuff from when they did the Tetris Collection version. I wouldn't know where to look for any similarities. At any rate, it's a standard 4 megabit Genesis/Mega Drive ROM. There are a few bytes of difference between the US and JP versions.

    Arguably we should try to bring the thread back on topic. Among other Mihara-tweet-related things,
    * Toushinsai 2020 will be holding a TAP competition as part of its schedule. It seems they approached Arika after they announced their plans for their competition, so now it'll be part of that event. It's officially endorsed by TTC.
    * Sinewave tweeted at Mihara asking about emulators/clones. Here's Mihara's reply (I think there may be a couple of other related tweets around that time as well):
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    Dat troll tweet though. Sine, you absolute legend.
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  6. Dug up the related Mihara tweets:

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    So i was right about it cycling the seed in the menu.

    When i tried it seems to slam it down pretty darn quickly, but it didn't look instant to me. I shodl be abel to hook it up again tomorrow and try to replicate the duplication bug.

    This was on topic only because Sega Tetris is TGM0. :)

    But yeah seems he's tweeting a lot.

    I really hope sega tetris getting a proper US release has opened the door for official TGM, whether as emulation or as a native game.

    This is something i really want to buy and pay a fair price for, if it could just be sold.

    A cheap box that accepts usb pads and arcade sticks that could emulate TGM1 arcade or the dropped psx port with low latency is almost certainly doable. A cheap box that can emulate TAP may be a more difficult task, as even quad core arm machines have difficulties running it full speed. It would need to be natively compiled for the box. Same with TI.

    So anyone able to translate those tweets decently?
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    My guess is it's something along the lines of "Gaijin bad, crone user firthy pirate scum".
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    okay i have confirmed the top row duplication bug is present. It really is bug for bug compatible.

    went back and tested the hard drop again, and it was instant and locking. not very useful. now if it were sonic drop, that would be something.

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