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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    This thread is for records and achievements for games that people feel are not popular enough to merit a separate leaderboard, or just for random tetris achievements that people wish to share.

    Here's one of mine to start things off:
    This photo was taken several years ago, before I even discovered TGM, and is from the PlayStation2 version of Tetris Worlds. As you can see, I was playing Deneb World, which is standard Tetris, and cleared the game in 12:15 starting from level 1. (Because the completion screen shows the current rank as 2, and a rank up was achieved during the game, I must have started at rank 1, level 1).
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  2. Gm in around 12:30 on TGM1 with a circular restrictor and screwed up button layout.
  3. 358682 on Game Boy Tetris, level 9 start. Also did a 314009 a few days later.
  4. Texmaster Sudden M on arcade stick. B)
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    NoTghost blitz blink on 20G ARS versus on Blockbox, 3 time in a row before jan coming in the battle.

    NoTghost performs twice 35 sec in TAP m-roll after less than 3 hours of practice.
  6. Last week: my second orange line in Heboris Devil-Doom with ACE-ARS2. It's still difficult with move reset...
  7. COL


    I've got a gold sk medal on tap master :)

    P.S holy shit i only had an S7 i'm trying hard to get s9, i thought making tetris would help
  8. It's especially important to get tetrises after level 750 if you want S9.
  9. my 40L record on tetris friends
    Time 01:06.42
    Date Entered
    12:29:56 PM
  10. Muf


    Death 245 on a dinky NDS D-pad.
  11. Ai


    My craziest achievement by far is getting S8 in TGM REV Big Mode after a few tries. This while I was having trouble getting S6 in TGM Big Mode at the time. I got really frustrated with the lack of progress after playing at least 100 games of this mode. So I tried the REV version of this mode just for the lulz. Still only S7 in TGM Big Mode. ^^;
  12. Made it to level 460 in NDSTGM Death mode, time of death was something like 2:58. Makes me wonder if I can earn a real Death M...
  13. I got the full 200 in Tetris Splash! :D

    I'll still keep playing though, because the game is awesome.
  14. Lmfao @ c_t. I'll have to dig up the screenshot with my high scores from tetris plus on the playstation when I get home from work.

    Edit: There we go:[​IMG]

    Some other miscellaneous Tetris achievements..... Beating level 9 - 5 on NES Tetris back in the day, getting the high score on Tetris Evolution marathon (kept that spot for longer than I thought I would, gameplay vid) and my fastest time for completing marathon on Splash, 4:19 (Gameplay vid).
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  15. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    So, I was playing Flash Point on my PS2 this evening... and it turns out I am champ.

  16. I finally broke 1 minute on blockbox 40L with a time of 59.44 seconds :)
  17. I had the first five lines of a secret grade while doing Death mode. Except it was backwards. And it wasn't intentional.

    I'm curious, do the games recognize if you do the secret grade backwards?
  18. They do! :awe:
  19. No, they don't.
  20. Muf


    Kitaru, master of secret grades, knows these things. :ninja:
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