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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. That L piece vanish zone ditch is the most World Rule thing ever. :D It almost feels like it wouldn't be right any other way!

    I know there are some strong World Shirase Secret players, but I'm not sure if there has ever been a confirmed completion -- definitely worth some research on that front. Congratulations on (possibly the first ever?) Shirase Secret GM! (Even if it has been done before, you're definitely among one of the few, the proud, the absurd... ;))

    I was already feeling motivated to come back to Shirase Secret after seeing the m9, so seeing a GM just a day later is giving me even more strength. :D
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  2. Congrats @Oshisaure! That ending was intense! But never playing again, you've got like 130 levels you could take off that completion :p
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  3. Thanks everyone, it means a lot considering the amount of try-hard I've put in that.

    Please do, I refuse to believe no one pulled that off before. There has to be someone somewhere who did it, right? ...right?

    Go for it dude, I'm sure you can pull it off. Heck you got it in TAP so why not, I believe in you! (don't let that drive you physically and/or emotionally sick though it's dangerous)

    I know right, isn't amazing? I like World Rule and SRS as a whole sometimes, dunno if that's related to my attraction to memes and silly stuff.

    I know, I was panicking and mashed my buttons hoping for the L to be in a place where it would let me finish, and then it just went over the field and let the T complete it, I didn't expect that at all but i take it so much you have no idea

    lol no you i'm done with this

    Also very nice job @Sinewave and good luck for your maxout attempts if you ever go for it. I wanna see that.
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  4. What do you mean it's the wrong game
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  5. FeV


    TAP Master S9 with all medals (and somehow a halfway decent time despite the shenanigans lol)

  6. *weeps slowly*
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  7. Woah :o congrats for the amazing achievement!!

    And merry christmas to all :)
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  8. Oh shit someone won the olympics it seems
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  9. I got to the right wall in a secret grade attempt with only the one necessary line clear to get rid of that line that needs to be made with the first piece. I've got close to this before, but never quite there.

  10. I got a bronze SK in death without any singles, doubles or triples. Now just to end up on an AC when I do it :) I got a silver SK at 200 as well. Although I unfortunately couldn't get the gold SK this game.

  11. I tried something because I thought "no way it'll work". Anyway, TGM+ recognises secret grades...I'm not sure what grade is actually achievable, but I guess this is now a new secret grade challenge? I had a quick search and couldn't find anyone else doing secret grade in this mode.

    A bit about how I got it. I started building one to the right of where you typically would start building, as the first bit of garbage has a hole on the very left column and that's it, so I used that for my initial hole. Then as soon as I knew it would register, I topped out so there wasn't another garbage row. I suspect a few people here could get to a grade of 1, maybe s1 without too much difficulty though, anything higher is going to take some planning, at least that's my gut feeling.

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  12. Lot of secret grade achievements, let's mix it up.
    I wouldn't call this an achievement, I just "misdropped" the first ten pieces and got an M in master mode.

    In death mode it's a lot easier, because there's no time requirement for the first section.

    Maybe the lesson here is that every game is salvageable. Or something, idk.
  13. Don't know wether I should call it an achievment or a blessing by RNGesus, but I got Gold SK in TAP Master Big Item.

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  14. Level PB, this time on Real Hardware (tm)
  15. Nice Oliver! And a level 86 finish - congrats! :)
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  16. upload_2019-10-18_16-41-35.png
    soon? lol
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  17. upload_2019-10-24_3-4-34.png
    Sadly this game went unrecorded, but I have another one here:
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  18. upload_2020-2-6_21-10-3.png
    oopsie (WR?)
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  19. Dang, GM at level 64!? :o
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  20. ah it was actually 65

    but here you go
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