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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 23 Jul 2009.

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  2. something a little different
  3. 29 tetrises starting from level 9. It would be at least few more, but missdrop broke everything and quickly led to a top out. This is my new personal record — the previous one was 24, also from level 9. ;)


    On the right is FCEUX (with window border turned off), on the left is Richtris — my new toy which I am currently programming. Not all meters are implemented — TRT, RNG and pace are missing, hence the empty fields.

    Score with push down points.
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  4. Chase to max out, but a small drought occured.


    What a piece of sh... ;)
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  5. Dang, 71! :o Is that the highest recorded drought, or has anyone seen one even crazier than that? o_O
  6. AFAIR my previous longest drought was 63, so this one is the new PB. The longest recorded drought (seen by me ofc) is 81 — the video is here. But Buco did not get to the end, so it is not known how many more he would wait for the longbar. ;)

    Unfortunately I don't have gameplay recording. I finished work on this layout the day before yesterday and I am still testing it to catch any small bugs.

    In the meantime I'm working on a movie in which I will explain how Richtris works, because I intend to publish videos of my games on my YouTube channel, which will contain the image of the visualization (the one on the left), playing on the emulator (on the right in the screenshot).
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  7. 75 is my highest recorded....
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  8. New PB — level 19 in PAL, 42 lines cleared. I'm slowly getting back into shape after a long break from regular training.

    new pb - game.png

    new pb - stats.png
  9. Training mode, level 18-0 and a new PB — only 103 points less than WR. ;)


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  10. Level 18-0 in PAL version — 167,900 points. Finally.


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  11. PAL version, level 19 — new PB in therms of score and tetrises count (two). ;)

    game 38905 – top out.png

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  12. I started up 19-3 on B-Type, and my very first clear was a Tetris. I don't record anymore, so the only thing I could do was snap a screenshot of the score with the NES in the photo. After the tetris, I was a bit shocked and only managed another single line before topping out. I don't think the randomness of 19-3 would ever allow for something like this again (at least for a DAS player like me). It would be an interesting challenge for the hypertappers though. :)

    tetris 19-3 tetris.jpg
  13. Another ”small” drought occured — 82 pieces this time. ;)
    The game started in level 16 and I was using a soft-drop when the stack was relatively low.

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