most identical pieces in a row?

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  1. "that was fucking awesome!"

    i am glad you got a kick out of it instead of getting pissed off and destroying another NES console like i/you would have done!

    let's see who can get to 8!
  2. Six would have pissed me off. >:(

    But seven?

    Ah, seven! :wub:
  3. At the arcade the other day, I was playing Tetris on a machine I've never seen before. It was big, bulky and had two player seats. Anyway, I'm not sure what happened, but the game gave me about 90% z blocks, which was stupid annoying. That was not a good game, and I figured it was either intentional or the machine's randomizer was stuck on 'z' for reasons unknown to me. Never had I seen anything before or since (last week).
  4. Was it a cocktail arcade cabinet (looks like a table)? It sounds like you were playing Atari's old arcade Tetris, maybe in an alternative cabinet setup. I play this version a decent amount and have DEFINITELY been Z-bombed before. And it's only Z blocks! I wouldn't say I've encountered 90%, but I probably have hit 8 or 9 Zs in a row followed by another chain shortly after. Unfortunately I'm no programming wiz, so I can't tell you what's going on. But I can assure you the game gets more fun the more you play it!
  5. It was not a cocktail cabinet! It was more like a... street fighter kind of setup? I'll go back tonight and take a picture of it, I've never seen a Tetris game in that kind of arcade machine before. And for that matter, I don't even remember which Tetris game it was, because I was too busy getting angry at all of those damned z-blocks.
  6. This seems to be the best thread for this, rather than starting a new one. I got 11 in a row of S's and O's o_O (o,s,o,s,o,s,s,o,s,s,o)

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    Sega Tetris is known for giving out brutal sequences in it's memoryless randomizer. Right from poweron it will give out a ludicrous number of snakes a ways into the game.

    Atari tetris can be just as mean.
  8. Tru'dat, man. Tru'dat.

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