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  1. Oh, I assumed he would want 4 rotation buttons if he was talking about secondary buttons.
  2. Ah, I gotcha. TGM has two CCW buttons, so that is probably where the original request stems from.

    Is there any way to turn off the line clear animation? It is really throwing me off right now. The "stack fall" animation is longer than the actual clear phase and it really throws me off. Usually the "stack fall" animation length coincides with the length of the line clear delay. The "block dust"/"explosion" animations can cross over into active time, but the "stack fall" typically finishes before active time.

    Also, I'm noticing that things feel really weird with Instant DAS under the time-based implementation. In a frame-based implementation, I can easily lift my finger in 1/60th of a second and not have to worry about pieces flying to unexpected corners of the well. In this time-based implementation, I have to lift my finger before I drop if I don't want to DAS the next piece in the same direction.

    This is a new problem since I don't think anyone has ever made a time-based implementation with Instant DAS before, but I think I've got an idea to solve it. Would it be possible to implement a "decrement/padding on lock" option to the DAS timing options? When a player locks a piece, the DAS delay counter would be set to (delay - padding) ms so long as this value does not drop below zero.
  3. haha that explains why I didn't pick up on it i have never played TGM.

    Go to the lobby > settings > appearance
    there should be one that says ANIMATIONS, just disable it.

    the DAS feels weird to me also. I hope it feels more like blockbox or lockjaw eventually, the current 40Ls on MN are all over 40 seconds haha
  4. Ah, perfect, thanks. I must have missed it. The fact that the game still waits for the duration of the line clear animation after the 40th line sort of throws me off, but that really helped.

    I think if there is a setting to specify a "padding" delay to DAS after locking, things will be a lot more comfortable. Once something like that is in, Instant DAS will be perfect -- just add 16~17ms of pad after dropping and it'll feel just like Blockbox.
  5. A 180 degree button is on the todo.

    When is the last time you witnessed this experience? I made an attempt to fix this (I think two days ago) and dodd recently reported that it seems fixed.

    It doesn't. When I designed the game, I didn't want people playing with animations do be handicapped, when playing against players without animations, so animations run in their own thread.

    However due to cheat-prevention it requires half a server round trip to stop the time, and half a server round trip to let the client know that time is stopped.

    I'll get back to you on the padding suggestion.
  6. sorry posted in the wrong forum lol
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  7. I just tried it and it is still happening, I think dodd was talking about something else(which was in fact fixed).

    here is a more accurate representation of what is happening:

    So after DAS to right wall, I tap left to move it into the position I want.

    But when doing this at a fast speed, I tap left but the autorepeat to right wall still holds over for some milliseconds, bringing the piece back to the wall. Which causes a misdrop.

    This disallows an important finesse movement.

    It also causes this to occur:

    After a DAS to right wall, the autorepeat holds over again causing the next piece to go to the right wall.

    The autorepeat is only holding over for a fraction of a second, but it's causing these two problems.
  8. Muf


    Hello, time-based game logic :rolleyes:
  9. nobody is playing this anymore? it was such a promising game...
  10. The most important bugs or logic issues were never resolved from what I recall. It was quite promising, though...

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