Records: [NES] Back-to-Back 999,999

Thread in 'Competition' started by SuPa, 3 Sep 2013.

  1. holy s*
    that's impressive
    I'm impressed O_O
  2. dear fucking god. i hate you so much. o_O
  3. I belive as proof goes this is the first evidence of a back to back seen in the wild! Both early maxes too. I feel inspired :)
  4. 3rd? ;)
  5. harry, what were your scores before and after this game? just curious...
  6. i don't remember the actual scores but they were pretty low. i usually reset pretty early on if i feel like the run doesn't have max-out potential.
  7. i never reset no matter what just because i am still improving and learning so i think there is something to learn from every game. maybe not for you but for me i have a long way to go. do you still have things you're trying to improve on? if so, what? help me learn some of the nuances.

    also, it brings up an interesting point actually. i am not really even sure what constitutes a "maxoutable" game. the only mention i have ever heard of it is when you and jonas made the machinima video before last years championship. jonas can be heard in the background saying something to the effect of "you need around 400-500k" to get the max out. this is about right for a transition estimate, but when exactly do you know if a game isnt "maxoutable?" also, what is the lowest transitition you have ever maxed out?
  8. thats actually an interesting question. Maxoutable generally refers to pace but can also refer to just how big a screw up a player just did and how much it is likely to affect pace as well. I think the lowest maxout transition i have seen is jonas' 413k
  9. whoa. 413k?!?

    ben, the same question stands for you, too: what things are your weaknesses still and what are you trying to improve upon?

    my ability to accurately judge a "maxoutable" game will just have to develop as i get closer i guess! good point about an epic blunder being reason to reset...
  10. well, i haven't played since last year's tournament until this past weekend, so i haven't really been trying to make any improvements on my game. but i'm sure there are some things i can improve on, just can't think of anything at the moment.

    concerning maxing out, 400-500k is a pretty low transition score if you're planning to max out. i would say 550-600k would be in the correct range. you'd want to be scoring around 90-100k every 20 lines. so, for example, if i'm not in the 200-300k range by 50 lines, i reset. and in the end game, if i don't have at least 800k points at 200 lines, i know it will be very difficult to max out.

    i've maxed out with a transition score of >500k a couple of times but that was just to see how difficult it would be.
  11. Nic job, Harry.
  12. yeah, nic job show off. :)
  13. if i really wanted to show off, i would have uploaded every max-out i've ever done. B)
  14. I'm curious SuPa how you record your videos? Also do you play on *gasp* a newer flat screen TV?
  15. i record my videos with a vcr. old school, i know, but i feel kinda weird using a camcorder, which i know is the normal way to do it these days. when i first started playing, it was on a crt tv, then lcd, then back to crt when i was notified of the different timing issue.
  16. Here's a visual of all the level 20 transition scores that led to maxouts, of all the videos we have to date:


    The lowest one is Jonas's first level 19 start video. That's a lot of ground made up there.
  17. awesome chart! any way you could list who each number represents?
  18. Pretty neat. Probably could colour code the dots to represent the players. Also maybe split up into 2 charts to represent starting on level 18 or 19. (Is there only 3 players who have maxed out starting on 19? harry, jonas, thor?)
  19. [​IMG]

    Here's a more complete chart.

    So it's very tough to max if you're not half way there by level 20, but as Jonas proves, still doable.

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