Challenge: [NES] Double-Time Challenge

Thread in 'Competition' started by TPM2209, 12 Apr 2016.

  1. Watching this video got me thinking — how well can you play staying at the top of the screen in a game with gravity lock?

    The rules: Play an A-type game of NES Tetris, starting at any level. Stack your way to the top of the board without clearing any lines, until you reach row 15 or above and the music turns fast. The instant this happens, note your score. The music must remain fast for the rest of the game, and you may not clear any lines on the bottom 12 rows of the board (to prevent people from just stacking one column really high and playing the real game lower down).

    Once the game ends, subtract your initial score (from before the music got faster) from your final score to get your total score for this challenge.

    Name         | Score   | Level
    Simba        | 45938   | 7
    TPM2209      | 2361    | 3
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  2. To start us off, here's my pitiful record of 2,361:

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  3. Not really relevant. Just avoid pressing down before you reach the top, and you won't get any points until you start making lines. The points you get for pressing down are really minimal, too.
  4. If you can time your presses so that your score is still 0 when you reach the top, then the rule doesn't really matter. It's for the people who might do it by accident like me, and for whom those initial points could make up to 3% of my total score like it did when I first made this challenge.
  5. 45.938 with 3 tetrises!


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