Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. Thanks, here is the video

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  2. Doing this update at the moment, should have everything new up shortly.

    Dang, I'm going to have to start doing fractional lines for this board too, huh? You're all too good! :p I'm not ready to adapt this leaderboard to that ranking system right this second, but I guess now that we have max-outs here I kind of have to work it in, haha.

    Yeah, that's fine by me. It's essentially as muf said, especially since this leaderboard was initially just started for fun to encourage the non-NES folks here to give it a shot; it was like a beta test for the regular A-Type threads. :p (If anyone can get some real data on their bests I can add the details, otherwise I suppose I'll just take whatever is on YouTube. Unfortunately that means they could probably do better and I can't properly sort things for Quaid, but at least it makes a more complete listing.)
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  3. Hey Kitaru, can you update mine on the chart too? Thanks.
  4. Whoops, could have sworn I got yours, must have scrambled something since I edit this one by hand. I'll get it when I'm in front of a computer soon.

    EDIT: Done
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  5. Thanks Alex
  6. @AaronC -- Sure thing, sorry about the omission! :s
  7. no need to apologize for doing us this service out of the kindness of your heart. we all appreciate what youre doing to keep this community alive. XOXOXOXOOXXOOXXO
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  8. i am not sure this matters anymore, and i dont have video, but i got a 19 max@216 lines. was at 977k at 210 and tetrised.
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  9. sorry, meant 214 lines
  10. Wow! Do you mean like ten lines less than your previous record? If so, then that's one hell of an improvement! Btw nowadays I'm looking at videos of level 19 play, so please record anything ;)
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  11. Started playing again. Just gonna do 19 until forever, I think. Put up a 662,940 for now. I didn't re-watch the video but I don't recall it being a very spectacular game. And it ends super poopy. But sit tight, and in 2016 y'all might get summa those epic saves.

    Edit: Sorry for the crap framing too. I moved my coffee table about a foot and am too lazy to move it back.

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  12. well played. do you find that once you know you are out of maxing range you play a lot better? it looked that way during this game, and i know the same is true for me. great game, and i am glad to see you arent just trying to max by playing 18 all the time. people forget sometimes how important 19 training is! cant wait to see your max out soon!

    @Qlex- yes, i meant 214 lines, and yes it was by far my best 19 game ever! 12 line improvement over my previous PR.
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  13. @wasmachstdugern Thanks dude. Yeah, I definitely felt that way playing 18. And I'm starting to see it with 19 too. I guess that's why I play some of my best games first because "no pressure, I'm just warming up". The real problem , and I still struggle with it, is telling myself that not every clear is going to be a tetris. It's obvious that you can't play 19 like 18, but I'm always surprised how often it escapes me. It's like a gambling addict's attitude: "just a few more pieces. that long bar is going to come soon, I can feel it." I just gotta chill - burn some lines and it will be fine - and if you're short when a long bar comes, it's not the end of the game.

    Congrats on the PR, also! Would have loved to see a video for that. I've learned a lot from your 19-max vids - still watch them to get my brain used to what a successful game looks like before I get into a session.
  14. @Metallian- i have never been a fan of going for it all the time. i know some players (bo, davidV) want to tetris all the time but i am trying to continue to train myself to burn low to maintain a good stack and allow myself to max ore often, as it sounds you are trying to do, too. you HAVE to burn so you might as well do it low so you can control the shape of the stack.

    also, thanks for the kind words about my videos, but i wouldnt try to emulate my ways too much- i am waaaay too risky a player to copy. i just get lucky now and again. :)
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  15. good stuff metallian. yeah studying your own games will help...recognizing bad moves or even thinking of better moves as you watch your games....and wasmachstdugern I just might have to come out of retirement and get a max @213 lines....
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  16. Of course it matters, great improvement! Have you ever considered streaming your play live?
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  17. i have considered that but the internet in my basement doesnt work so well. i would have to hook up a physical line and i am not interested in that!
  18. Scored a PB on level 19 start today. Slow start, but (besides a few dumb mistakes) post transition scoring was pretty solid and I finished strong.

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  19. great score! you coming to portland next year?
  20. Thanks Terry. I am considering it. I hope I can improve enough by then to be somewhat competitive.

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