Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. 907,352pts.

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  2. Nicely done Koryan
  3. Koryan.
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  4. 960,320pts.

    Thank you, and I updated my score again!

    Thank you!
    ...Did you know that I got 960k score? :)
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  5. I have no idea what you are saying there at the end but i would love to know! good game man, despite the fucked up beginning!
  6. Wow! Things are heating up around here! Been playing Level 19 like a mad man lately. Had a couple 850ish Level 26 and 27 games a few weeks ago, followed by this:

    Skip ahead to the 13:15 mark if you are seeing this before the video editing takes effect.

    (It's a couple weeks old now, but I just got my internet turned back on today)
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  7. Great game Josh, glad to see you are still playing.
  8. Fuuuuuck dude. Very good game nonetheless...
  9. Also, why weren't you at the CTWC this year? There are so many good players now! We missed your brand of craziness...
  10. I was flat broke in October. I tried like crazy to sell my motorcycle so I could go, but it didn't happen. I finally sold it in Novrmber for about half of what it was worth. *sadface.*

    "my brand of craziness"....I would have spent the whole weekend moaning, crying, and complaining, lamenting the fact that the tourney hosts had killed the spirit of the game with that frankenstein atrocity they trotted out there. ;)
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  11. IMG_6608.JPG

    New highscore for me. Finally broke the 100k mark starting on level 19! Got really close to breaking 120k but laid an egg as soon as I realized I broke 100k. Need to not look at the score next time.

    108,400 in 26 lines
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  12. Well done! It may behoove you to buy an old school CRT TV though... the new fangled LCDs don't play well with NES Tetris. They present a half second lag that you don't want to get used to playing with.
  13. 462320 in 197 lines.


    Played on emulator with DualShock 3 controller.
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  14. Jani just got the level 19 max!!!
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  15. Updated. Also got a couple of other scores I had somehow missed along the way. If you notice yours or someone else's score is not up-to-date for some reason, please let me know!
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  17. That's amazing, congrats to Jani!
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  19. IMG_7219.JPG

    Finally got the 120k UFO ship starting on level 19. Also, by far the most lines I have ever achieved starting at 19. Only 16 away from transitioning . I think I was only able to get 1-2 tetris' on this run so definitely need to improve there. Next milestone is getting 200k+.
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  20. Congrats on blasting the Kremlin to space!

    I effing hate those stupid rocket sequences, but I must admit, they become relevant on Level 19 starts. First rocket comes at 30k, and you have to either survive about 30 lines of "going low" or score a Tetris and then some, both of which require some degree of skill. The 120k requires about 120 lines of "going low", or a boat-load of Tetrises, either of which requires a high degree of skill.

    Just friendly heads-up: You transition to Level 20 at 140 lines. I wouldn't want you to expect a Level change at 130 and mess up because you are wondering what happened ;)
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