Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type Level 19

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. Been a while. Good to see you getting very close Josh. Best of luck!
    I don't take video these days (terrible, I know), but tonight I had a 747,500 (228 lines) - would have been nice if the long bar would have shown at the end. I've beaten my 19 high a few times, but it's always been by a few thousand points (not worth the update). This one was worth the update.
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  2. Well done, always good to hit a PR.
  3. Ah thanks for the heads up. I guess I was thinking level 18 transition which I believe is 130, but that makes since that 19 to 20 would be 140. I actually use your game genie code to stop the rocket sequences. I can get 30k fairly routinely and it drove me insane watching the tiny rocket. So cheers for that.
  4. My youtube video for that code is labelled, "The. Best. Game Genie Code. Ever!" or something like that. You would not believe the amount of hate I get for it. Non-Tetris players give me a hard time because they say the code is stupid :p
  5. New PB today. Got a 922,880. Not a huge jump or a jump in ranking, but happy because it's been awhile since I broke 900k (this is the 2nd time). I'm actually glad I didn't max out because I did not have the VCR recording. Power went out last night and I didn't feel like resetting it because it takes so long.

    Also I realized that it's been 10 years since Jonas first maxed on 19. That is crazy.
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  6. 994k because I'm a doofus.

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  7. still a great game. You'll get it soon I am sure.
  8. man... that so much should have been a max
    Awesome game though
  9. 1,012,400pts. (with Game Genie code "ENEOOGEZ")

    Lv20 transition: 480,300
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  10. congrats man! what a strange style you have adopted, too!
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  11. Finally got a 19 max today, about an hour after a level 18 max. Of course I didn't get it on video because Im an idiot and forgot to turn the camera back on. I had a 460k lvl 20 transition and had 969k with 229 lines before hitting the final tetris. I know people will doubt me, but I am not going to quit until I get another one (and on video). I got a 938k level 19 start this morning which of course I got on video, and I even got the level 18 max on video too. FML!

  12. I got 2nd Level 19 Maxout.
    224 Lines.

    Thank you! I tried this style from April this year. I'm getting used to it.

    To AaronC, congratulations!
    10 players finally got 19 maxout, wonderful!
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  13. Thanks Koryan, I appreciate it.

    Awesome job on your 2nd 19, I watched your stream earlier, your hypertapping technique has improved a lot!
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  14. my 3rd level 19 max-out at 220 lines, my first "B".
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  15. Contrats Koryan! So awesome!
    You beat me on my birthday by the way :)
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  16. Hello, I got my 19 maxout too!
    (on emulator, as usual)

    I've got absolutely no proof, because the only way for me to do this was avoid recording... I was like at 225 with 997k, I was building for a last tetris then I said wtf... and maxed with a triple. Then I got a last tetris transitioning to the killscreen. Just needed to share XD
  17. Nice job Simba, emulator seems to be harder, do you plan on getting a console?
  18. Thank you :)
    Actually some people here agreed it was roughly equivalent, also I'm playing with a standard NES controller... I live in Italy so getting a working NTSC console is quite a problem for me. Also I'm too lazy for switching to a console when I'm already using my computer :p
  19. Well done man! Seems like the activity is picking up again...
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  20. For the leaderboard, I think it's safe to say I maxed out in 228 lines ;)

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