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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

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    the rise of rizz :)
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    I guess I'm just trying to give you, Josh, and Mike some better competition at MGC.

    **For those that don't know, Midwest Gaming Classic (as seen in the beginning of Ecstacy of Order) has been having some good Tetris competition. Last year, they had a Type A highest score tournament, and they had a Player Vs Player tournament. It would be great to see some more tetris enthusiasts show up.

    It's every year around March, in Wisconsin.
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    I remember scoring 523,264 starting on level 19 a few days ago

    I'll be sure to post a pic/video once I beat Mullen's measley score of 877K
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    I must break you.

    also i rewatched some of you snes stream... below the video it had the phrase "recorded live"... just think that over for a second ;) Also Florida had something called "In person absentee voting" this year; you stay classy Florida!

    P.S. oh wait this is Louie and I'm referencing a stream by josh hahaha... my snarky remarks about things in life that are clear oxymorons stands!
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    I can't seem to break the 400,000 barrier.

    Last night, I had 393,200 in 121 lines.

    I should be happy - at one time, 300k seemed unreachable.
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    Here are my level 19 records to date:

    Edit -Used an original NES.

    Most points - 27 lines, 129,220 points
    Most lines - 111 lines, ??? points

    When I was a kid playing Tetris with all my friends and Tetris buddies, we thought level 19 was impossible, but now because of you, the Tetris Diehards, I know it isn't.
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    "Most points - 27 lines, 129,220 points"

    That is an excellent pace!
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    The long bars came at the perfect time for the first 5 tetrises. The game blew up after that.:(

    My skimming (I think that is the right term for reducing the stack) needs some work on the higher levels.

    I have been trying to record a good game, but quite frankly, my play is terrible while the camera is recording. (Must be psychological.) I can't imagine playing in front of a crowd.O_O

    Once I have a good video, what software is best to edit it?
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    Up to 582614 (199). Higher score, but worse game.
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    Level 19 has a way of doing that. :p Keep at it, you'll find that balance between survivability and rocking tetrises. :D

    Yep, skimming. Some of the NES guys also use the term burning.

    My advice is to just record everything. In games with automatic replay recording, you probably wouldn't give it a second thought. If setting up the VCR or camcorder becomes part of your natural routine of starting a session, perhaps that performance anxiety will decrease over time. :) (And, of course, you won't have to agonize over unexpectedly good scores -- "why wasn't I recording!?")

    I suppose it depends. I usually just end up using free/open source tools like VirtualDub or AviDemux to prep game footage for YouTube and such.
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    Thanks Kitaru.:)

    I have never posted anything to YouTube so I didn't know how to split sections of a long video out.:confused: My old camera does not have that features, but I got a new one that does. A friend of mine said that YouTube has a package to split your video also.
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    Yeah, I think YouTube has a built-in video editor now. I haven't really used it since I'm used to my existing setup.
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    It seems to have taken me a while, but I have finally increased my top score.

    437,800 with 172 lines.

    Happy to finally move up. I've gotten in the 300's several times now, but recently, I've been topping out in the mid 200's (in a little bit of a slump).
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    Happy to report my new Level 19 high score.:) 66 lines and 166,154 points.

    I had to take a month off from Tetris, but glad to be playing again.
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    As my 19 scores have gotten better, I thought I should throw this up here. I got 213,600 @ 72 lines last week. I am recording now, so I'll have video from here on out. In the interest of full disclosure, I am going from VHS to iPad for my video capture. They will have the game audio, but they won't be "live," per se. They also won't be R-rated. :p

    ...and while I'm thinking about it: Chad, if you read this, get a 19 run on here, homey. You know you've got some monsters. :)

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    i just had an impromptu 19 practice game and got 880k....i was pretty surprised when i looked at the score!! pic, but ill shoot some 19 vids soon......
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    good lord!!!!!

    i am defeated, haha

    great work!
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    so i definitely got up to 880, but without at least a pic to prove it, im not sure i should overtake the #1 spot. I know its based on an honor system, but i feel i should have provided something, at least a pic, to be in this position. Im perfectly fine with vacating the top spot..... for the moment. i would personally feel better if my achievements were supported by semi-solid proof......thanks.....
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    I would say that once you can hit ~600k starting on 19, or ~800k otherwise, you should record all your play just in case (as proof of a given score, but especially in case of a maxout).

    My personal bests before recording anything were ~840k total and ~730k starting on 19. I wouldn't have minded having those recorded, but I'd have been horrified had I maxed it out without recording.

    As much as it would suck to fail to record your first maxout (especially if your first was starting from lvl 19) - and that would be a LOT - think how much more it would suck if you somehow pulled off the greatest game ever played, or possibly that ever will be played (however unlikely), and there's zero proof except in your own memory or maybe a lucky eye witness or two.

    Even if it's not score, you might capture something amazing like the most skewed block-distribution ever, or a termination sequence of 30 S and Z blocks, or something (assuming the randomizer actually would allow such). I realized this the other day when all my block stats were in the 70's except I-block of course, which was in the 40's. -_-
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    I will do that. I will post once I get a 500k+ captured. I can usually crack 300k on a given day now and 400k once a week or so, if I'm playing a lot. I've cracked 600 and 700 just once each. And congrats on your progression as well. It's a big thrill each time you pass a mult of 100k for the first time.

    As far as recording I'm in the same boat as you too. I record on a good old fashioned VHS machine and then I'll just have to record that 2nd hand on ipad or digital cam. It is an advantage not to be R rated, but then again the world would be at a loss without Thor's level 30 live - that is good cinema.

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