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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

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    @BDCowe- i was recording but my HD camera literally ran out of space half way through the game so i only have the beginning! my girlfriend came home to me sulking about that...
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    Side note: Sorry I won't be meeting you at the big dance this weekend. :\ You'll have to look to get in on some of the "online" competitions we get going. Should be a good time.
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    I do make them myself, it is sort of a hobby of mine. I got into hacking games when I got a gameshark for the N64. It is really fun to tinker with the program to make the game do things it is not supposed to do.

    "How does one make them?" --that is a tricky question.

    I was going to make a tutorial once, but was quickly overwhelmed once I started writing the tutorial.

    The Level 19 drop speed is actually the very first game genie code I made. In order to make a code, you need a computer and a good emulator. I use FCEUX or some such version of that. It has a lot of very good tools for this sort of thing......Maybe I should just make a video.

    Edit (44minutes later):
    So I made a video...and it is forty minutes long. I don't know that anyone would sit through and watch 40 minutes of boring.
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    score update for me: 658,543 @lvl 24 182 lines. i fucked it up and had so much more space to work but i thought i could get a 700/800k out of it and tried to call my lady friend downstairs- and then died immediately. and i got this one on video. :p
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    Nice one, Terry!
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    danke, sir.
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    Not trying to Buco you, but I had a 673 and 529 yesterday, pushing my top 10 level 19 starts to 772,534. Wouldn't really mention it, but it's been a long, long time since I had a decent 19 start game.
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    that's an interesting thing to keep track of. i think i will start doing that (top 10s i mean).

    i did my math and my level 18 top 10 starts are 804k (ironically they are all in the 800ks as i have no 900k games yet). my level 19s are (ugh) 394k. i need to play more on 19 i guess...

    PS this whole thread is about bucoing people- no biggie. let's all brag a bit and it will be OK.
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    Most impressive! Maxout pace!
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    i played your little game sir... and i maxed it out first try. gimme somethin' harder...
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    Following the advice of DavidV and wasmachstdugern I've started playing level 19. After about 3 hours last night I managed to get to a paltry 44,402 points. Max lines were 26 (different game I think). Still I feel like I did pretty well. Don't bother updating the scoreboard though - not until I get to 100k at least I think.
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    You're on the right track, Don. While the advice to play 19 is spot on (as I almost exclusively play 19 many of my days), just remember to feel things out for yourself. All sorts of different things work for all sorts of different players. Take any advice, try it out, and be honest with yourself when you evaluate what works for you, and what does not...

    ...that was my less Pollyannic way of saying, "We are all special in our own little way." :facepalm:
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    Brian: "We're all individuals!"
    Crowd: "Yes! We're all individuals!"
    Brian: "We're all different!"
    Crowd: "Yes! We're all different!"
    Man: "I'm not!"
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    score increase for me: 676,726 level 28 223 lines. no video, sorry.

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    thanks for updating the leaderboard alex- but something is amiss- i am on there twice, and one of my placements is too high.
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    Yep, my bad! I guess I got kind of tired and distracted and didn't finish that job cleanly. :p
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    rocketman- 586,516. he is on a tear lately.

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