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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 3 Jun 2010.

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    Thanks Terry! Alex - game specifics ... 209 lines NES. You can list it under Jake instead of rocketman.

    I think Danny V has a lv 19 record we can add also. 439k ??? Lines
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    new PR for me (it seems every time jake sets a record i do, too...): 767,965.
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    Do you want your TC username changed? It only takes like five clicks.
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    @rocketman: Let me and/or muf know, either way. :) I could also change the name on the NES A-Type entry to match if you'd like to be known as rocketman here.
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    AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH! you are gonna do it dude! well played!

    i love that despite the 15 *god damned* squares you got at the beginning you still managed to play through.

    i will refrain from making a comment about how left side welling is INFERIOR to right side welling.
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    I had plenty of mistakes and a couple mis drops...and I played post 200 poorly.....plenty of room for improvement.....2014 goal!
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    Yeah, what's up with that left-side well!?! Nevertheless, very smooth playing! ;)
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    i play better/(higher scores) with a left well....i can play with the right, but the left is my comfort zone...especially at high speeds when i have to flip pieces real quick to the right....seems safer to me...just gotta keep the left very low all the time......
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    A new high - my score increase is not exciting.
    440,040 (that should be easy for me to remember)
    153 lines

    While this only bumps me up by 2,000 points or so, I should be happy to have another one in the 400's. It has been far too long for this increase to happen.
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    well done rizz! don't belittle your accomplishments though. 2000 is still 2000 points. i once bested my best by a measly 235 points and still felt pretty good about it. keep on keepin on!
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    Nice work from David and Rizz, congrats.:)

    I was also able to improve my Level 19 Start high score to 290,411 points and 113 lines. Although it's not a huge level 19 score comparatively, it felt pretty good.

    Here is a link: (Note: I accidently cropped the last few seconds off the recording)
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    Great score! But the game from 3:33 to 7:20 is epic, so many tricks and saves in it O_O
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    Very nice!
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    I hate being *that* guy, but it's 230 lines. ^^

    Nice game. :)
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    @josh- oh yeah my bad. i havent gotten 290 lines since grade school!
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    I had taken some time off of playing, but picked it back up a few days ago to practice for MGC. As messy as it was, I got a slight increase on 19. 521,180 @ 172 lines. Things still need some cleaning up, and I need to not freak out every time I set a new PB, but my retooled approach is really working out. Crackin' off 200ks in 100 lines like no one's biz, too. Seems decent enough for now. :p
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    w00t w00t! well played. left you some youtube comments. you're progressing even without constant practice- thats a great sign.

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