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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    Hit a new PR today. 925,912 LV 29 (231 lines). Very thankful and appreciative for everyone's support and encouragement. Studying film has helped me a ton. Block sessions of LV 19 play have been invaluable.

    Can you pls add this video link next to my record as well?

    Many thanks

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    yehaaaawww cowboy! well played.
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    949,960. tonight... second highest score. please add as my second score.
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    Well done Josh:awe: That video is right behind Thor on the best video list in my opinion.

    @wasmachstdugern and rocketman - The race is on. Good luck too you both for #14:)
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    Nice job, @rocketman!

    Set a new PB. 734,258 - 205 lines (18 start).

    It's recorded, but I probably won't have a video up for another week or so (currently recording on DVD-Rs instead of RWs, and I don't want to waste space). I DID PAUSE during the game for like 10 minutes, but I don't really think anyone on here cares... Normally pausing causes me to insta-death when I resume, and I wasn't expecting it to turn into a good run, since I was mostly just practicing level 19.

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    a solid increase, nice work! Also idk if I congratulated Jake on his first 900 on here, also that = awesome!
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    well done cameron! 700 club and beyond...
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    Thanks Ben and getzie! Lots of movement on the leaderboard. Love it!!! Congrats Cameron on joining the 700k club. Well done.
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    Updated, congrats to all. :) Let me know if anything is off.

    @wasmachstdugern: Got yours as well. Sorry for being a bit more spotty on "seconds" updates -- I'm still running an old hack of a scoreboard script, and it's a bit goofy how it handles the second/old scores. I have to update the file manually if it's not a new record, and sometimes I forget to do so. I should really clean things up at some point.
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    thanks man! no biggie if you dont update the second scores from now on. i didnt know it was a hassle or i wouldnt have bothered.
  11. Muf


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    Or work on automated leaderboards. :p Nah, just kidding; GMO has priority. :awe:
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    Great game cleure....800K soon!!!
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    If you'll indulge me...

    I more or less shunned Level 18 for over a month, instead focusing my efforts on 19. I got the bug to go for some high score attempts Sunday, spent something like 5 hours playing throughout the day, and broke 700k again. Yay?

    Anyway. After playing for faaaaaaar too long on Sunday, and kicking a decent amount of ass, the game started becoming unintelligible to me when I went back to it yesterday. Like, I was playing, but not. I couldn't make sense of my placements, and there seemed about no way to pull myself out of it. I, undoubtedly, was sucking as hard as I could.

    Has anyone experienced this before? I feel like I’ve had bouts of this kind of thing, but not to the point that I put the controller down and say to myself, “What was that?!?”
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    I think there's a certain point when your mind loses it's focus on the game. I know there's a certain point when I stop showing improvement, so I say 'one more game' a few times, and then finally turn it off.
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    I don't have any new high to add, but I felt an urge to talk about some stats and improvements.

    I'll start with my 2 most exciting accomplishments:

    On 12-2-13, I had 2 games (nearly back to back), which both ended on the kill screen. The scores were 786,081 and 759,517.
    -I've never had more than one 700+ score in one night
    -I've never had 2 kill screens in one night
    -the 759,517 ended at 231 lines which is my lines record (I 'might' have had 231 before, but if my score wasn't 700+, I didn't take note of the game)

    Second accomplishment is my first game that has been truly on pace with a maxout. My game last night ended at 728,313 with 181 lines. I have a spreadsheet that I put in my ending lines and score, and then it projects what I would have/should have/could have gotten had I reached 230 lines (it's based on 75% of the lines cleared being tetrises). I only do this when the score is 700+ and please go easy on the comments for my dream world formulas. I'm just trying to give myself hope. :) I know the 181 lines is a little low for applying the formula - most of my spreadsheet entries have been a 195-205 line game, and the 'projected' killscreen score is around 940k.

    And now, I'm looking back at my scoring progression.
    10/04/12 750,325 (my first score in the 700's)
    12/04/12 718,355
    01/06/13 706,172
    04/16/13 878,720
    04/22/13 774,580
    05/19/13 731,447
    05/13/13 746,633
    09/04/13 757,266 (looks like a big slump here)
    11/07/13 749,228
    12/01/13 770,872
    12/02/13 786,081
    12/02/13 759,517
    12/16/13 728,313

    Geez, I just can't get another 800. :facepalm: The only positive is my better frequency with 700's.
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    Some days, I feel like the piece distribution is shit. I suppose its my fault for not seeing what I am *supposed* to do with them, but, forget that, I *know* the pieces are shit. I mean, why in the world would the stack be so high if the game was giving me any longbars? Also, I can only be so creative when the game is relentless with its z and s bombardment--which is usually accompanied by the "opposite game" as I call it (if you need an L you will get J's until you need a J and then you get L's, or vice versa, or swap those out with z's and s's, or change the scenario to you get 1 out of 3 pieces a longbar when there is no Tetris set up, and then you never get any longbars when there is a Tetris set's the opposite game).

    I attribute it to the ebb and flow of the Tetris energy in the universe. It's sort of like fishing. Some days they bite, some days they don't.
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    I think I was having a bit of that yesterday, too. Maybe my first clue was when I screamed at the TV, "JUST LOOK AT IT," in reference to the piece distribution list. No one cared.

    I can dig it. This makes me feel even more cheated that you didn't have audio on that new Tetris reflection video...
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    happens to me too man, usually if i am poorly slept or if i am hungry. i know if i take a cat nap or get a bite it goes away. it really is a weird feeling though, kinda surreal, it is like youve never played the game before in your life. i know the feel...
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    Right on. Thanks to Frank and Terry, too. Glad to hear (?) that this is relatively normal. Like I said, having some slumps is nothing new, but feeling completely lost and confused for an entire session...well, that felt strange. I got back at it a bit last night and saw things coming around.

    I think I'm going to get back to typing out some thoughts on the blog, as well. Even if it's a bunch of nonsensical, masturbatory bullshit, it does help to put pen to paper, so to speak.

    And now I’ll stop taking up the high score thread and leave it to the people actually getting stuff done…

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