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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    Started on 12
  2. Playing at school? :)
  3. MrC


    Of course! I'm the teacher, I have an ongoing Tetris challenge in my class (actually the whole school), we keep the top ten list on the whiteboard:

    H0K9 is my 6-year-old son =) Watch out!

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  4. Nice job man! Back when I was in school we had to discretely hide the fact that we were playing Tetris on our TI calculators ;)
  5. upload_2016-8-12_17-51-56.png
    lv10 start
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  6. Few ntsc tetris attemps and lvl 19 speed still pretty hard, but got new personal best.
    Score 596068, start from lvl 18 and ended at lvl 21.
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  7. so close to 600k! good job.
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  9. Not the prettiest game, but I guess it will do.

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  10. Finally I'm happy to achieve a killscreen in this game.
    (Thanks to Alex for keeping track of my score)

    736,122pts., 230 lines, NES-18
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  11. Well done SQR! Well done to many for quite a while from the looks of it.
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  13. Um... Who's all going to CTWC? Wouldn't it have been smart to find and share an Airbnb? Is it already happening? Could it be thrown together now? I've been so detached from Tetris lately I haven't been thinking about but now I'm obsessing! hahaha
  14. My 3rd max and the lowest transition I have maxed from. A few good moves in there, along with some dumb ones.

  15. Well I guess I am on a roll, another max out today. I wasn't thinking about it at the time, but it ended up being my earliest max at 224.95 lines. If you get a chance to update the list Alex, I would appreciate it!

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  16. Great game(s)!!
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  17. Thanks David, something seems to have clicked recently.
  18. Great set of max-out's AaronC. Congrats!!!
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  19. Thanks Jake! Nice to take a break from the level 19 start stuff.

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