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  1. New PB!

    594400, same emulator as before. I'm happy :)
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  2. Oh, level 18 start, finished on level 20.

  3. New lv19 PB for me. 383.926 points over 190 lines. Almost reached killscreen for the first time with this. Definitely getting more consistent on 19 and I think I'm just a step away from getting reasonable consistent on 19. Current overall pb is at around ~750.000, but by the end of the month I should reach 800k.
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  4. I forget which month this was (I think it was while KevinDDR was staying in my back room, so probably January?) but I've stopped tolerating the NES controller again, so my PB will be stalled for a while now.

    607,300 level 18 start, died at level 20

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  5. Hi, does this rickety video count?

    Name: Medea
    Country: UK
    Score: 999999 (barely)
    Date: 19th of March, 2020
    Style: DAS
    Played on original NES
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  6. After rewatching Ecstasy of Order I thought I'd have a go at the 2010 qualifying competition. Here were the scores then:


    And here's the best one I got (167,993):


    (Didn't record that one; but there's a video of 167,984 here.)
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  7. Friggin hell, 6300 points short to reaching 800k-aim this month. Feelsbadman

    Transition Score: 544056
    Final Score: 793740

    Honestly am not too happy about this game. A lot of rather poor stacking choices being made all throughout the game. But aside from the ending no major stupid misdrops. And without this misdrop at the end as my stock was looking good, this could've been a 900k game. That with an average transition score I have (when I don't do stupid misdrops on 18. lol)

    So 900k is the aim to be reached next month considering I pretty much reached 800k this month (ignoring the 6300 points that are sorta neglectable). I think that should be doable and getting close to reaching a maxout then.
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  8. New overall pb and earliest maxout pb
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  10. New PB :)
    Name: Mark
    Country: Germany
    Score: 999999 (1.082.100 with post calculation)
    Date: 14th of April, 2020
    Style: Hybrid
    Played on Emulator (Nestopia)
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  11. Name: furious programming
    Location: Tuchów (Poland)
    Score: 999.999 points (level 18 start, 233 lines, level 29 finish) (previous post here)
    Transision to 19 level: using tetris with 129 lines, having 583.*** points
    Transition to kill screen: using tetris with 227 lines, having 970.*** points
    Lines on kill screen: two singles
    Total score: 1.006.400 (past million calculated manually)
    Date: 18.04.2020
    Hardware: FCEUX 2.2.3 (emulator) + Data Frog NES-like USB controller

    Finally, after almost 14 months of training both the PAL and NTSC, I finally got my first max out. Pretty good RNG, though several times I was forced to use extended tap to keep the stack clean. I am extremely happy with this achievement — I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. ;)

    A few things to explain. I didn't record my training (I don't record my games at all), that's why screenshots are my only souvenir. Due to playing the original ROM, I have no idea how many points I scored in total. Probably someone will be able to count it, based on the data from the table above.

    Since I do not have a recording of this game, I see no problem not to take this result into account in the ranking — this post can only remain a curiosity. However, in the future I will try to record the next max out on tape. Well, since I was able to do it once, doing it again is only a matter of time.

    Edit: I calculated the total number of points manually and added a new row to the table.

    new-pb-game.png new-pb-castle.png new-pb-nick.png
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  12. New PB :)
    Name: Mark
    Score: 1.121.940
    Date: 20th of April, 2020
    Style: Hybrid
    Played on Emulator (Nestopia)

  13. Got myself a new pb with a lv19 start at 472500 points (please not to be added to the level 19 highscores). Am relatively happy with this game. While it had a lot of misdrops, I also reacted pretty good to them except for the end. Was a bit lucky with some pieces, but hey - I take it. It's an improvement of almost 100k from my last lv19 pb. Additionally earlier today I had a 650k transition that I failed pretty quickly. So my aim with reaching 900k this month still seems realistic - and ideally reaching the maxout by end of may.[​IMG]

  14. Two new PBs in one session! My first 600k, finally.
    Name: Eddie (eddietheintern)
    Score: 604688
    Level 18 start, level 21 finish
    Hardware: laptop and emulator

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  15. almost new pb.png

    One tetris and new personal record — two levels earlier than in the current PB. But the longbar did't appear... I was a bit late taking the screenshot. ;)
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  16. 621622!
    Name: Eddie
    Level 18 start, level 21 finish
    Hardware: laptop and emulator

    Quarantine is good for Tetris grinding, apparently.

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  17. Fuck yes. I thought I may go through this month without a PB improvement when my aim was to get at least really close to the 900k mark and now this:


    Transition Score: 568845
    Final Score: 948513


    Super happy with this game. Good pace (albeit I had transition scores 100k higher), but pretty smooth gameplay overall. A bit lucky with pieces, some good digs. All in all 10/10 - would do again.
    Additionally this is my first killscreen. Yes, I play pretty aggressive with points. If I wanted I naturally could've killscreened by just playing things safe.

    Either way. Maxout, I'm aiming for you in may.
  18. New to NES Tetris but I'm pretty good at modern tetris:

    Name: ImColm
    Level: 15 start, 16 finish, exactly 100 lines
    Hardware: emu
    Final Score: 192351

    Slow and steady progress. I'm currently starting at level 15. Died at level 16 here because I didn't think I was anywhere near 100 lines.
  19. 623573!
    Name: Eddie (eddietheintern)
    Level 18 start, level 19 finish (crazy high transition for me)
    Hardware: laptop and emulator
    I got an NES for my birthday, so now I'll get to start using some real hardware!

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