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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Name: kiwbi
    just scored a new highscore of 695060

    scored on emulator (FceuMM)

    video link:

    need to get aggressive on 19+!
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  2. I think that Tetris Effect submissions deserve a new thread.
  3. I was just mindlessly stating my opinion, but I am definitely not the authoritative figure to have a say in this. :) You do, however, raise an interesting point.
  4. New pb of 886,752. Was 861k at Level 25 but I didn't do so well after that, and got messed up in the end by a missed t-spin.

    Also got a new transition pb (637k) and finally another killscreen (just my second one, but 740k this time instead of the 360k of the first). :D
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  5. Fuck this shit. Finally. After 4 fucking months I finally managed to get through that barrier. Since then having done multiple runs with just 100-200k more needed and fucking up including two 990k games. But now it finally happened.

    Special shoutouts to
    - Kitaru for all his work for the community
    - aGameScout who made me finally figure out how DAS actually work since I didn't understand Kitarus explanation
    - Sam Finch who is probably the only one who at least slightly cares about my videouploads.
    - everyone working hard in the community - especially the guys from CTWC and CTM
    - Jonas and Jeff who were the reason I started playing around 3 years ago on and off (effectively close to 2 years of active play)

    Transition Score: 554.872
    Final Score: 1.009.147

    Since my transition score was somewhat "low" and I had way higher as well as me playing it very safe towards the end, I think 1,1 million is definitely doable eventually. But for now I am just happy that I finally managed to do this and will see, if I can max out once more during this month.
  6. @Tetrisboyo @Eris Hi there. Sorry for the lengthy delay in addressing submissions. Could you check on your video links? They appear inaccessible.
  7. @Kitaru I stopped playing NTSC Tetris entirely (no working console, no working grabber), so I have removed all NTSC videos from the channel. You can remove my score from the board, Alex.
  8. obsolete 926724 new pb level 18 - 27+8 I think.
    The score was off cam but I got it on history viewer but due to runahead not turned off it messed up so this is the closest to video I've got.
    Second highest score on video was 872k on stream
  9. Name: furious programming
    Location: Tuchów (Poland)
    Score: 1.078.393 points (level 11 start, 273 lines, level 29 finish) (previous post here)
    Date: 21.11.2020
    Hardware: FCEUX 2.2.3 (emulator) + Data Frog NES-like USB controller

    This is my current PB in this version. I scored maxout at level 27, but I don't have exact information — I played on an emulator without Richtris and the game wasn't recorded. This is my fourth maxout and I am adding information about it here so that it will not be forgotten.

    ntsc — pb.png
  10. So I just posted this score and was wondering how I calculate the exact max score (pic is dropping the final Tetris for max), it's been such a long time for me. I might be ok at Tetris, but not good at Tetris maths right now. Thanks!

  11. Name: furious programming
    Location: Tuchów (Poland)
    Score: 1.142.775 points (level 9 start, 292 lines, level 29 finish) (previous post here)
    Maxout Result: 27+4.14
    Date: 04.03.2021
    Hardware: FCEUX 2.2.3 (emulator) + Data Frog NES-like USB controller

    game_54703 a.jpg
  12. HLG


    Hi folks,

    Is this enough proof for me to get on the rankings?

    402,791 15 start 19 end, FCEUX 2.2 emulator with keyboard

    Tetris 402k.jpg
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  13. got my first maxout on April 12, 2021
    done on Mesen Emulator with Keyboard

    2021-04-22 02_14_58-NES Maxout 1.026.880.mp4.jpg
  14. 18-29
    Score: 984450
    achieved in CTM August 2021 quals.
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  15. Name: Emmanuel Solera
    Country: France
    Score: 613180 (Level 10 Start, 23 End, 228 Lines)
    Date: 10/05/2021
    Hardware: Emulator (Nestopia) with Hyperkin controller

  16. 18-29
    First maxout. Same day I got 984k
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  17. Top-Tier Congrats!
  18. Hi all -

    For anyone who would love to see a database of Tetris pbs, here's a link for you:

    Anyone who has played a competitive match will be in there. It has lists of all pbs sorted by high score and name, as well as new pbs entered in the last week, like so:


    Plus you can put your own name in and recorded pbs should show up (and there's a tab where missing information can be added).

    If you spot any errors, please feel free to let me know, here or on the Discord.

    Cheers. :)
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  19. Nice! Is something like this also for PAL version?
  20. Nope, not for PAL. But maybe Chris Foryst will do it one day. :)

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