Challenge: [NES NTSC] Most Tetrises In A row....Level 18...

Thread in 'Competition' started by DavidV, 16 Jan 2014.

  1. 19! wowzas.

    I petition David as the thread originator, to make a leaderboard on the first comment through editing. Too much to keep on top of here :)
  2. I will see what I can gather...
  3. thanks for doing this david! looks great, and has inspired me to do the same on 18>19 leaderboard...
  4. Due to a nice steady pace for long bars, I ended up with 19 straight (I thought my previous record of 14 would not be improved). So, at 76 lines, I had 433,560 going for me. At that point, I badly misplaced a block, but recovered decently. One more misplacement later on did me in though. I topped out at 116 lines with 564,871. One of my most frustrating game over's for sure. Looking back at video, at the first misdrop, I was just starting a drought, so even without that misdrop, I would have had to burn, and my 19 straight would not have gone any further.

    On a positive note, I had an 820k earlier in the night (231 kill screen).
  5. nice work Frank! Keep at it.
  6. I got 11 yesterday (I know! it's like OMG :o ) which I am sure is my best ever for NES.
  7. I have uploaded my 19 in a row. I decided I'd show the whole game, so everyone can see both my success and ultimate failure.

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  8. that was awesome to watch though! you even got double dinger in there!
  9. 19 in a row is a lot, nice game!
  10. that is fucking absurd. not only do you need the skill and commitment to get this far in a game that is truly sadistic, you also need a healthy dose of luck... which your game clearly demonstrates. a nobody off the street could have done the same with the pieces you were given. you are average at best. :)
  11. Damnit, Terry. Haven't you ever heard the expression, "You can't start the show with a showstopper." There go my hopes for Tetris Quote of the Year 2015.

    Oh...yeah. Good job, David. I guess.
  12. 23 in a row is crazy. Left well too I assume?
  13. terry ...thanks for the mild compliment. . immediately followed by lambasting my game. the way..this still doesn't make up for missing the level 19 max by one line..... :(

    p.s. bring this nobody off the streets to the next tournament so I can beat him with my eyes closed. ...
  14. thanks bdcowe...
    aaronc. yes!!..left well all day everyday..
  15. 25 IN A ROW!!

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  16. Dear god well played sir! loved watching it.
  17. 25 in a row is outrageous, great job! Most I have hit on level 18 is 14 in a row.
  18. 25 in a row is insane David! Congratulations brother.... that is a mark that i doubt many can or will attempt to trump. Although I might slug 1/2 a bottle of Beam and give it a go sometimes! haha

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