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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 10 Mar 2014.

  1. Here I am again! :biggrin:

    A great moment in my tetris-career :)

    But...oh dear! Unfortunately I have no video! I had planned only to make two or three training-games.

    When I realized what score I had, I stopped and pulled out my Iphone.

    Here is the result:

    555.938 points
  2. Nice! That 500k got broken again :)
  3. [​IMG]
    After some practice on 18 months and a small hiatus, the CTWC and the announcement of the CTEC got me playing again. Starting from 9, the average score is up from June, with this as the latest high. Hope to post again soon!
  4. finally got a working PAL set up. i had to but a $60 TV off craigslist to get this shit done: 554k. expect more soon (i am coming for you jani). this is my first day...
  5. 607k@ level 20. the audio will be shit since i was listening to a slew of copyrighted songs while playing. video will be shit since i am playing on an 8" TV screen. bear with me.
  6. Aye, the copyrighted audio makes me unable to even watch the video :(
  7. Muf


    I tried a bunch of proxies from various countries but I'm pretty sure that video is unwatchable anywhere.
  8. sorrrrrry. it is shit. anyone have a better idea about how to record an 8" TV?
  9. new link (should be watchable) 607k. amen
  10. Unless you're gonna invest in an atual vdeo capture device, all I can say is get a better camera. :\ The bright, interlaced CLR picture is going to be difficult to capture for any cheap camera.
    But at least, if you can edit the exposure setting on the camera (if this is a webcam it should be in the device settings), try setting it aaall the way down. And find a distance from the TV where the image is in best possible focus.
  11. me thinks i may need to buy a better camera...
  12. [edit] Apparently, starting at lvl 15 is the worst idea D:

    I started playing PAL NES Tetris since yesterday; my personal record so far to get on board:
    score 407183, lvl 15 start, 131 lines (iirc)
    Not absolutely sure about the lines.

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  13. Slightly improved record:
    423734 @ lvl 17 (lvl 10 start).

    Could have been much better: the game gave me only one I-piece during the lvl 14-17 section :(

  14. [edit: new record]
    479351 @ lvl 16 (lvl 10 start)
    This could have been 500K easily; I can't believe I died at lvl 16 :'(

    Sorry for the triple post, but record is record ;)

    452276 @ lvl 17 (lvl 10 start).
    I ruined a potential 500K+ game. I had a nice clean, high stack, but a simple missdrop killed me. It seems to be just a matter of time for 500K...
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  15. tetris500f.jpg
    Hi i would like to submit my recent score it's 500 392 (lvl 19) starting level 11 and 171 lines.Great feeling to break that 500k mark.Cheers!
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  16. :o

    Those are very good scores! I guess I should get it together before CTEC ^^''
  17. my PAL TV broke and i cant seem to find a replacement here in the states that doesnt cost an arm and a leg so i think i may be unable to practice again until i show up in denmark. UNLESS... someone helps me figure out how to convert the image from the PAL to project on a S TV. any ideas?
  18. I had went ahead and purchased a "converter" for a few bucks, in anticipation of starting down the PAL road at some point. I don't have a system yet, so I can't say if there are any issues with using such a device. Maybe someone can weigh in for both of our sakes...
  19. a huge thanks to kevin birrell for letting me borrow a PAL capable TV! i guess this doen't help you ben, sorry. if you want to buy my european PAL NES after the competition i could bring it to the MGC for you so your PAL adventures can begin.
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