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  1. Uli


    Hi JJ.
    Let's see if I get bitten by the NES Tetris bug in Copenhagen ... if yes, I'll look into replacing the CRT.

    It actually was a Jani Video which made me question my controller in the first place.

    Of course I'll take part in the GB competition ... I played a few dozen 2P games many years ago and I thought I am useless at it ... mainly because it took me embarrassingly long to figure out how the garbage behaves. Once I realised this, I did not see the point of continuing to play 2P. However, I'm now too old for younger-me prejudices, so it should be very interesting to arrive at a strategy which works best when 2 good players play each other. No spoilers, please ...

    My goal is to qualify for the NES finals and enjoy the GB sessions.


    P.S. ... my style is thumb-thumb - as intended by the Nintendo gods ;)
  2. -JJ


    Well, it's only about a year and a half since I bought my first Game Boy + Tetris + link cable and played 2P games with a friend. I feel that I still haven't figured out exactly how the garbage behaves but, nevertheless, I'd like to think that I'm a fairly decent GB Tetris 2P player :) Maybe we meet head-to-head in a GB match at CTEC!

    Last year, my goal in the CTEC NES competition was to be among the top 8 players, which I was, so I think that's a good goal for this year also :) However, I know that this time it will be considerably harder to be among those top 8 players as there are quite many of us now who are approximately at the same skill level. In any case, it just means that the NES competition will be an interesting, exciting and perhaps even a dramatic event! :D

    During last winter I ended up switching my style on Game Boy from thumb-thumb to index-index. But I don't think there are any right or wrong styles as long as the style feels right and, most of all, comfortable for yourself :)

    P.S. a dubious bunch those Nintendo gods and Higher Beings of Tetris or whom ever there might be watching over us and our puny efforts to stack a few pieces in just the perfect order…. :D
  3. 745K By Jani O_O
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  4. Here are the qualification scores for CTEC 2018.
    My score was a new PB (and the only game I had for the qualifications ;) ) so I might as well submit it to this thread. Not sure about the others.

    1 Jani 641,500
    2 Svavar 638,580
    3 Sumez 600,461
    4 JJ 575,285
    5 Erik 557,765
    6 Dyst 557,619
    7 Simon 550,810
    8 Thomas Germany 515,963
    9 Sabina 502,165
    10 Alex UK 500,414
    11 Daniel 489,999
    12 Jens 488,939
    13 Ronnie 486,017
    14 Uli 476,133
    15 Nansuchao 463,412
    16 Lucy 421,707

    This is the first time you have had to get 420K+ to qualify, I'm very pleased with the strong turn-up this year.
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  6. Leaderboard updated.

    Also, I want to elaborate on the standards of proof for submitting to this leaderboard. On these forums, we generally operate under the honor system when submitting records; we're not a world record verification organization, but we want to ensure that we can be a platform for fair competition.

    I will generally continue to accept score photos for ease of score submissions, but advise taking recordings in case additional proof is requested. (This is similar to the proof-calling system that was in place on SpeedRunsLive a while back; you were allowed to race console games without streaming to Twitch, but were required to submit video footage if proof of your race time was requested.) Especially given that PAL Tetris is a game that unfortunately still has a debug scoring cheat built into the game, I will respect calls for additional proof of scores submitted here.
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  7. Hello :)
    Im a casual player and general video game addict from Scotland. I play all versions of Tetris (new and old), and some may know me from Twitch.

    I recorded this today to submit for fun for the love of tetris.
    471550 on Nestopia emulator from level 9 start.

    Lots of love everyone and take care.

    Added. Dawn takes 30th! -Archina
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  8. @tame89 wow, great improvement! Congrats :)
  9. 499294 (this score was quite unexpected)
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  10. Wanted to share this you all!
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  11. That's insane dude, congrats!
    I like how the clip starts with "World record score", nice foreshadowing :D
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  12. I've got a 502360 on lv. 18 start yay.

    here is the video
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  13. jpg


    Hey guys,

    Finally broke 500k after hitting 480k and 490k way too many times (for instance 488,939 at the 2018 CTEC qualifiers) - level 9 start. Can't wait to improve even more and take on the higher levels.

    - Jens

    (can't upload files at the moment)
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  14. I decided to wait until I had over 600k points before posting my record here, and this weekend I finally made it: 635891 points (with start vom level 9) :D
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  15. Hello everybody. Glad to have found this place.
    I've signed up after getting a new pb on PAL Tetris - 356577. Started on level 15 and finished on 19. I took a video of the score screen and continued filming a new game after that to prove it is PAL version I'm on (because of the speeds.) Sadly I hadn't recorded the whole game.
    The score might not seem anything to shout home about but I'm quite happy to be able to make it onto the leaderboard :)
    It would be a dream to compete so I'm going to keep trying.. hoping I can break the 400k barrier next!
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  16. Improved my PB with 3 freakin tetrisses on Killscreen!
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  17. might be stupid question :) what do the players use to record and display their tetris games?
  18. I guys.
    I'm new here, I hope I'm posting right.
    I'd be proud of being in this table of yours, even though in the last ranks... it would give me hope for the hard days of training to come ;)
    But it's up to you, of course.
    Starting at level 15 on a real nes console
    ToN (JeC)
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  19. Here is a video of my best score, 663986, starting at lvl18. Finally after obtaining the pal cart back, the good score was during the qualifiers of the CTFC, or CTWC Finland, and I am glad about it.
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  20. most players generally use a CRT to play the game on, and the NES only really outputs composite (red-yellow-white) without modification, so any capture device that allows composite input is fine to record with
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