[NES] Speed Runs and MISC records

Thread in 'Competition' started by rocketman, 2 Jan 2018.

  1. I noticed Jonas posted some "Accidental 300k World Record" (sub 2 min @ LV 19) video on YouTube - quite entertaining there at the end.

    Was curious what other random NES Tetris speed run records exist or are out there? Anyone know.

    Also put up a decent LV 19 300k the other day too.... 300k @ 2:03 / 100 lines @ 3:19

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  2. Most of the action is going on over https://www.speedrun.com/tetrisnes

    The rules on Speedrun.com's NES Tetris leaderboards were carried over from the main categories used for races on Speed Runs Live -- so, 100 Lines (any start), 100 Lines (Level 0 start), and 300k points.

    I have thought it would be neat to track max-out completion times for a while, but haven't really been able to get back around timing everyone's videos or programming things to make the leaderboard maintenance stuff easier. :p Maybe it's something that we can track here at some point, or maybe it's something that could be done on SRC in the meantime.
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  3. Awesome Alex! Thank you for sharing this site. Looks like my LV 19 Speed Run game (nested above) is good enough to currently rank me 3rd in both the 100 lines and 300k pts. categories. Waiting on the moderators of the site to adjudicate my video submission.
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  4. i didnt even know i was on that forum! i guess jani must have submitted my video for me. i like the fact that my fastest 100 line game on that list was also a 19 max out :)
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  5. 300k at around 1:56

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