New Platform with game similar to Tetris for real money

Thread in 'Competition' started by Semi Elyakim, 27 Sep 2018.

  1. Hello guyz,

    I found a new platform where you can play a game like Tetris (Otilo) and earn money for that.

    it's amazing because after so many years i'm playing I can earn something from it.

    Really recommended they have application for web and mobile.
    They have tomorrow giveaway competition for 50$
    See you there,

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  2. K


    in France anything related to online game for money is prohibited unless you have a very controlled certification (?). but after 5min play in "playground" this game feel broken : the randomizer seems to be a simple piece sequence loop...
  3. Muf


    Sounds like an easy way to make money :awe:

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