Northern California Summer TGM 2012 Meeting (Planning)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by KevinDDR, 4 Jul 2012.

  1. Hey guys!

    It's really coming down to the wire now, so I should probably start getting things together for the meetup in California.

    Date: 8/11/12 - 8/16/12
    Locations: San Jose State University Arcade, Southtown Arcade, possibly others

    All three TGM games will be available for play on candy cabs, as well as some other unique things like Sega Tetris, Tetris Plus/2, and Blockout. We're planning on having two or three days of TGM time at most (probably a tournament on one of the days), and there'll be other fun non-TGM activities as well. Amnesia will be visiting from Hungary, and there is a chance that KAN might come assuming that he comes to Seattle the week beforehand.

    Unlike the Seattle meetup, I don't have control over any of the facilities so I can't promise anyone a place to stay during this meetup. Sorry!

    Please post if you're thinking about coming! I promise it'll be a hell of a time!

    There will also be a meeting in Seattle starting on 8/6 and running through 8/10, so check the other thread for that.

    KAN (maybe)
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Just a reminder Kevin, I am moving in exactely 1 month to USA.
    WE MUST buy a flight ticket together.
    Just a tiny problem, I want to wait a couple of day because right now the hungarian currency is too strong for me 1 euro = 285 HUF, but it is stupid and unsignificant,
    if I wait for 1 euro = 300 HUF I will save ~9 euro...:rolleyes:..

    So please let´s talk about this on this week or next maximum.
  3. Actually, I would prefer to buy it right now if at all possible. I'll be online for another hour tonight, and then tomorrow around the same time...
  4. HAD to make it overlap with Outside Lands, eh?

    I'll probably be good for it 8/13 - 8/16.
  5. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    wish i still lived in the bay area. i'd be able to make it easily...

    out of curiosity, is the sega tetris there an original (nv-ram working) or a bootleg (no nv-ram)?
  6. I'm definitely a big maybe on this. I'm gonna try to make it happen! Because of my school priorities, I can only be there over the first weekend, so if we could have a get together on the 11 itself, that would be super!
  7. Sounds good. I think we'll be able to do something on the 11th, since Amnesia and I (and KAN if he comes) will be flying into San Jose arriving at noon that day.
  8. ei


    Shit, I completely forgot about setting up flights/hotels for this.

    I'll have to see if I can find anything not horrifyingly expensive (taking off from work shouldn't be an issue though thankfully), so I guess for now put me down as a maybe.

    I'd probably do something like the 11th through 13th or 14th depending on what flights work out cheapest but we'll have to see.
  9. Given what I've heard so far, the best days for a SouthTown meet would be Sunday or Wednesday -- 8/12, and 8/15 respectively. They're closed on Monday and Tuesday, and people are flying in on Saturday so that would kind of suck.

    We haven't reached out to Game Center yet, but I'm going to give that a shot. I believe they're also generally closed on Monday and Tuesday. I'll let you know how that pans out.

    San Jose State University's bowling center arcade is open on weekdays, so anyway is welcome to come visit my home turf arcade for some TGM2+ on janky American joysticks whenever without needing to organize anything on the venue side. :)

  11. I thought you guys were flying into SF... :confused:
  12. GC is closed on Mon. and Tues., but the owner might be willing to accommodate us. Are we definitely looking at Mon. or Tues? It helps to have as much info as possible. :p

    SJSU's cabbie has lame sticks. ಠ_ಠ
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  13. 11th and 12th is a no go for me as I'll be out at Kinyoobi-Con, but other than that I'm free that week.

    As for going to SouthTown, I can accomodate up to 4 other people in my car. I won't charge for gas but my route does involve $6 in round trip train (BART) fare for each passenger. To make up for it though, SouthTown is across a tunnel from Chinatown, home of stupidly cheap food (I'm talking three steamed buns for $3 or less)!
  14. GC is willing to open up at noon for our meet. They are also cool with everything else, including putting up a flyer. As for the prize pool, they are willing to donate a GC t-shirt (it has a purple space cat on it with the logo of the arcade on the back).

    The cabs all had their locks changed so KevinDDR's keys wouldn't work. I would leave them at home, Kevin.
    The owner isn't too keen with people he doesn't know opening up his cabs anyway.

    They have 3 horizontal CRTs (including the head to head) wired for JAMMA.
    For the streaming setup, it takes component in, so we will need to prepare a vga to component converter.

    GC will use a wristband system for this event, but for the people who don't like wearing stuff on their arms while playing (Kevin), you are welcome to attach it to zippers, belt loop, etc, as long as it is visible. If it's not visible, be prepared to be asked multiple times during the event if you have a wristband. :p

    I think that covers it. If you guys want to do an event at ST, you're on your own. I don't know the owners of that place.
  15. ei


    Wellp, last minute planning is ruling the day for me as usual. Hopefully I can find some deals for last-minute seats/flights and it'll all be good.

    Does anyone have any recommendations as far as hotels go? Also, I hear the state of mass transit is pretty good down there--will I be able to forego renting a car?
  16. I haven't booked my hotel room either. If you want to split a 2-queen plus sofa bed room with Amnesia and I, let me know!
  17. Protip if you want sleep: you don't :awe:
  18. Muf


  19. Thanks for breaking tables on this thread I really appreciate it. :colbert:

  20. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I swear, that I snore really less than 2 years ago. Probably because I dont smoke constantly any more. But it almost doesn´t cost anything to plan some balls for the ears. (it is always better to plan)

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