Northern California Summer TGM 2012 Meeting (Planning)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by KevinDDR, 4 Jul 2012.

  1. You all know my secret now. :sowsuser:

    Hey, hey, I love Southtown! Just not the players who don't wear deodorant... :V
    I think everyone wants to see Kan off and I don't think you can fit everyone in your car. I think the plan was to take PT there?

    But if you are going to ST, then I will make an effort to go too. :)

    Oh, he's being treated very well. Everyone is crushing on him. ;)
  2. It's okay you're forgiven.

    I am also in need of forgiveness cause a family thing popped up and it turns out I can't go anymore. :(((((

    I was really hoping to get a 500 shirase game too. The pain is still deep from Sunday and o wanted to redeem myself. But I had so much fun on Sunday.
  3. Amnesia please give KAN a hug and kiss for me.
  4. And Kevin please give amnesia a hug and kiss for meI when he leaves
  5. my only regret in life is being born a man so I cannot have his children :'(:'(:'(:'(
  6. Worst kept secret on TC, honestly.
  7. :D:D:D:D
  8. K


    what secret ?
  9. >:(

    I think you would have to fight some people for that right. :awe:
  10. Pfft, whateves!

    Nothing. :whistle:

    To the ppl who made it out to GC: I'm gonna write a thank you message to them for being so accommodating for our West Coast TGM tourney, especially to Martin for staying so late. Would any of the attendees like me to pass on any messages?

    I'll probably send out a message next week so either post here or PM me. This is a good time to build on the budding relationship we have with them so don't waste it!
  12. Entropy's car runs on ancient alien technology that doesn't require a battery. Don't let any government officials know though! they'll be trying to get their hands all over that thing.
  13. ...Which is why you almost had to jump their car. ;)

    (For the record, said alien technology got in the way of that.)
  14. Technology so secret not even entropy knew what was inside. maybe it's a prototype that was mistakenly let out of volvo's factory. :hmm:O_Oo_O:confused::colbert::tux:
  15. Muf


    Oh THAT secret. I thought it was some new secret.
  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Now that I am at 12000km from you I can put the photos I want on facebook I dont see how you could prevent me to do it now...
    I think you underestimated the quantity of concentration TGM absorbs...You dont know how many pictures I have been able to take of you.
  17. Muf


    ^ Creepiest post on TC.
  18. haha classic amnesia! luv u :bear:
  19. Haha, oh wow.
  20. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I would never..I understood that it was something that ineluctable entropy really doesn´t wish so I will respect this, and the truth is that I have only 1 photo in good quality of her, the few other was taken so quickly to surprise her that we cant see anything..

    I will just post that one on facebook. :rolleyes:

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