Oops jumped the gun--I won the AT&T Tetris tournament!!!

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by caffeine, 29 Feb 2008.

  1. The April tournament got canned. I don't know if there will be another tournament or not. They want me to just go to Hawaii for a week with no tournament, but I'm holding out. Wish they'd just give me some money or something and call it even. So inconvenient.
  2. wasn't there a $2000 prize along with your trip to hawaii, did you ever get paid that?
  3. You only get it when you go to Hawaii.
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    excuse me caffeine, but what the hell is the problem [​IMG]
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    Well I did talk to someone and from what I was told, not all of Blue Planet was informed of the prize of the tourney. He/She knew that the tourney was held, but it was unknown to them that the winner was to get that sum of cash and to come down for another tourney here.

    And I guess it was assumed to turn out like this because if there was in fact a tourney happening, then we'd have been informed of it before-hand. I doubt they'd host a tourney and not let the top University of Hawaii players know about it.
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    Ok here's an update on this issue for those who are interested.

    caffeine, what had happened is that because a different party sponsered this tourney, the cash prize and fare to come to hawaii was on their end and you supposedly have to talk with those guys about your prize. Nextly, the involvement with BPS is that your win reserves you a slot for the next upcoming Tetris Cup Tournament. And since there wasn't a tourney this April, is why you didn't come down. Out of all that though, you still have that slot reserved. So I assume you have a freebie slot into the next big tourney.

    More details on this upcoming tourney.

    It is confirmed that it will be held on a different platform (so you can put your DS's down). For those interested, it will be held on PC. The actual title that will be used will be a brand new game they have in development. No word on the game itself, but they're looking to make it more open to the mainstream as far as this tourney is concerned. The qualifications for this will be done online, so they are "hoping" to project the involvement of perhaps a west-coast wide qualifications for this tourney, and then the finalists will be taken to a specific location (from what I hear, it probably is Hawaii) to compete in the finals.

    Me and z-flo had a little field trip today to BPS to visit, and we dug some of that up. If there are any questions, perhaps I can go on another field trip later on in the summer. heheheh.
  7. 'more open to the mainstream' doesn't sound good for me. Generally that means they'll just be dumbing down the effect skill has on the outcome of the match (a la Mario Kart Wii).
  8. Thanks for the info.

    Yeah, the only people I ever had communication with was "The Concept Studio." We agreed that'd I'd go ahead and take the trip this summer (July 13th), with no tournament. Someone contacted me the other day with details about the trip.
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    ouch that's not good as far as you concerning the upcoming tourney...

    Since you won, you have a slot guaranteed in the next Tetris Cup tournament. If you are taking the trip another time, I'm not sure how you will make your way for the tournament (projected for the end of the year, maybe even later according to what I've been told). I heard that BPS or whatever company is fully sponsoring the next tourney would be flying all finalists to the location for the finals (although I believe the location is here in Hawaii, also heard that perhaps Southern California would be another possibility) free of charge, but I'm not totally sure about it.

    If you're coming down this July, we should put together a meetup. Play Tetris and perhaps maybe get lunch somewhere. I'm sure z-flo would also be game for this.
  10. California? It's like they're trying to cater for DIGITAL [​IMG]
  11. Definitely.

    /warms up on TDS.

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    [​IMG] And Southern as well? Wow, that sure would be convenient as I'm moving there. Monte and blink would likely join too.
  13. you darn right I'll be there if it's in socal. that'd be a lot better than hawaii cause that'd allow for a lot of people to come and participate instead of doing like a online qualifying only and flying a few people to hawaii to play. you can't build a community like that.
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    well thats the only way to get participants form all over the west coast. After the online qualifiers, I am almost sure that they will transport all finalists to whichever location they pick for the finals. To me that sounds a lot more convenient than having to pay our own fare/drive/fly just to get to a certain location on the mainland. I mean, they are transporting the finalists which is a lot of money to start off with, so I feel that it's a good idea.
  15. no if they make a good game and promote it right people from all over will show. I've been part of plenty of competive gaming communities and people from all over show to tournaments as long as it's in the main part of the united states. If it's in hawaii then that really makes it hard for people to travel to the tourney and if you don't have atleast a big event where people from all over can get together than that really hampers the chance of cultivating a good community.
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    that's under the assumption that the people of whatever genre game you're talking about is willing/able to make the travel to such said location. Not all gamers can travel across the country just to participate in a tournament. The reason for online qualifiers is to make it an easier access to more people.

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