puzzle express - another variation of tetris

Thread in 'Other games' started by herc, 10 Jun 2009.

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    Thanks a lot for this hint, I got Obulis on Steam now, since they have some nice achievements and I really like such puzzle games

    And since we're at the topic "show your trophies to your friends" - does anybody know if there's any chance to show your Tetris Online Japan profile to somebody who is not a member of TOJ?

    You can do this with a trick with your Tetris Friends profile (http://www.tetrisfriends.com/users/prof ... YOURNUMBER) but I couln't find anything like that at TOJ... :/
  2. wow! i just discovered yet another very impressive puzzle game:

    (see the impressive video on the page)


    independent gamedev is really taking off !
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