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Thread in 'Research & Development' started by schnuerle, 14 Oct 2008.

  1. No, they are not 2 10x20 solutions.
    If you watch more closely at the right side of picture 1 and at the left side of picture 2:
    - you can see at the first picture that a blue J piece had been cut, which continues at the second picture.
    - also a blue I piece had been cut, which continue at the second picture.


    Conclusion: it's a beautiful 20x20 solution [​IMG]
  2. schnuerle

    schnuerle Unregistered

    Oh, I see those blocks sticking over now, I missed that before. That does make it a 20x20 solution.
  3. Zeta

    Zeta Unregistered

    yeah. the guy who had the hypersector domain let it expire, and right when I was working on a blog setup, too. <.<

    anyways, new domain is kitsune-zeta.com (don't ask. <^-^>;;), and the path from the root of the domain is the same. wiki page has been updated (minor edit) to reflect this. there's also a forum, blog, and wiki there (the "tools" area is not linked to internally at all).
  4. schnuerle

    schnuerle Unregistered

    I gave it a try, to make a few more 10x10 blocks, but couldn't really pull it off. It seems that when I get close to filling in the center, there is always a block or two that is empty, and I can't fill it all in.

    Here's a result, with some same block types touching, and bad visual repeating.

    http://fumen.zui.jp/?v105@Nd/ess/eSpJwt ... lZi8epbAAA
  5. schnuerle

    schnuerle Unregistered

    Finally got around to creating the quilt design, including the border using most of the same rules. It's going to be a queen size quilt, which will start being made soon.

    Feel free to use the design in your own quilt, as long as you credit this forum post and the people involved when you blog about it.

    I'll post an update in a few weeks when it's done, including pictures. Thanks everyone, especially DIGITAL for the inner design.

  6. gila

    gila Unregistered

    holy crap that's awesome

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    That outer design looks awesome! [​IMG]
  8. schnuerle

    schnuerle Unregistered

    Thanks guys!

    The outer border came from the best ideas I sketched on some graph paper. I had lots of other tetromino lines, corners, and centers, but this ended up being the best.

    And of course the colors on this are just for reference purposes in the design. The final quilt will use 7 different patterned fabrics that stand out against each other and look good together.
  9. schnuerle

    schnuerle Unregistered

    After measuring my bed, I realized that the quilt needs to be more square in shape, not rectangular.

    So I made a square version (repeating the insides 4 times) and a version where I kept the same shape, but added 2 side strips that would hang over the edges of the bed on each side.

    What do you all think?



    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I really like the contrast between symmetry and randomess. There's something really royal looking about the borders and pillars that matches quite nicely with the organic texture of the inside.
  11. schnuerle

    schnuerle Unregistered

    I've also decided to come up with another design that would be simpler to quilt, with larger tetrominoes and less stitching. Here it is, still good for a queen size bed (8x8 feet to 9x9 feet).

  12. Hi DIGITAL, can you please post a screenshot of the 10x10 solution you came up with? I can't seem to work out your tool

    Many thanks, Addy
  13. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Unfortunately, I don't think you're likely to tempt Digital out of hiding. I'm pretty sure he still lurks, but he hasn't made a post in years.

    I tried to recreate his 10x10 pattern using what I could make out from the fumen link he gave. (fumen is a tool created by a Japanese guy named Mihys, and when it got updated, something broke compatibility with the old links. There are old versions on the fumen website, and I'm pretty sure Digi would have been using version 1.05b, if you want to try and fiddle with things yourself.) Anyway, here's a pic of what I managed:

  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

    Thanks Edo! This is very helpful.

    I also found this: (believe it or not, in a knitting website :)


    Except it's not square (10x12) but it makes a nice pattern.


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