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  1. Abandon all hope; ye who enter here

    The rules are three: please play the latest release from 0 and don't glitch.
    Name  Grade  Level  Time
    FeV -------------   S12     1242   5:30:53
    user382021 ------   S11     1199   5:32:71
    caithness -------    S5     0594   2:56:43
    CylinderKnot ----    S5     0500   3:11:53
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  2. want to thank fev again for the great creation, and maryhadalittle too for the replay db as well as all other contributors.

    this mode and game really play. i had been texmastering SUDDEN Ti until kevin pointed me towards G3 TERROR. the randomizer and garbage here do make it a notably harder challenge if you're looking for one :D

    who else is trying to crush the best libre hommage to tgm? :E

    S10 run
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  3. I'm quite happy to see a Shiromino thread.

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  4. S10 G3 TERROR 0-1099 04:52:50 2019.04.02
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  5. S10 G3 TERROR 0-1099 04:44:16

    S13 in 2019....but how??
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  6. my guess at a plan of attack is twofold:
    break first torikan nearly every game, or 29/30
    break second torikan 4/10

    the first element seems clear and obvious. nothing early on should stop a run. the second part i'm unsure: how often do S13 class players hit the bone blocks? i think it might be more like 5+/10. any guidance or suggestion would be appreciated. maybe there is a very different way of thinking about reaching s13.

    my understanding of the machine translated (otherwise untranslated) TGM guide 1200 section is that i should focus on stick rhythm, and play like there will be no rotations.
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  7. S11 G3 TERROR 0-1108 05:04:18
  8. I'd say that approach of minimizing rotation is a good idea. IRS is obviously fine but even getting one post spawn rotation out is quite hard and 180s even using IRS are more or less totally unreliable.
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  9. thank you for the advice kev. i focus on it during the early sections when there is plenty of time to think deliberately about excising such moves from my repitoire. reading your post somehow gives me encouragement.

    revising my guess from may, i'd say now that players beating this game breach the second torikan 9/10. i like to remind myself it's not so bad: look at all the time i have; enough to press multiple buttons or even a button multiple times. a clear rainbow of previews shining out... surely i can find the solution and downstack given all these resources. every game.

    S11 G3 TERROR 0-1190 05:17:08 link
    S11 G3 TERROR 0-1199 05:32:71 link
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]
  12. nice to see your progress and success :] hopefully you inspire still more victims to come futilely assail this most confounding mode
  13. [​IMG]

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