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  1. Hey, as i might be the only one here that doesn't play any original TGM, could you point out how accurate shiromino's rotation system currently is? i only remember that you came across some difficulties, but i might completly be mistaken.

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    The rotation system is completely accurate now. The only problems I really had were with floorkicks. It's a pretty simple rotation system so it wasn't difficult to get right. The timings though, they are slightly off until the next version comes out, particularly for the TGM1 modes, in which at least 20 seconds are lost over the course of a full run.
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  3. Is it just me or the I rotation is more allowing than it should? Specifically, it can kick sideways when rotating from vertical to horizontal. I managed to get quite a few undeserved line clears with this, actually.
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    This is an intended mechanic. In the G1/G2 modes the I piece does not wallkick, in the other modes it does.
  5. I'm having issues when trying to play this game with a Dual Shock 4 (DS4) gamepad. I'm using the direction pad and it works normally most of the time, however sometimes while holding a directional button it will only register as a tap even while the button is held. For example, when trying to move an I block to the wall I will hold the directional button, but the I block will only move one space and the button indicator will only light up for a brief moment. I've tested with other DS4 pads and it doesn't appear to be a hardware issue. If anybody can reproduce this effect I would appreciate it.
  6. Hi! Been trying to figure out how to run Shiromino on my mac for the longest time and can't seem to figure it out. I can't figure out the instructions and I have no idea what I need in order to compile the program. Can anyone help walk me through it? Thanks again!
  7. You can download WINE (, which allows you to run Windows programs on a Mac. Once you do this, Shiromino should run extremely well.
  8. Yeah, I have wine and have been trying to run the "game.exe" file in it but it never pops up... I figure it has something to do with specifying a "HOMEBASE" in the game.cfg directory. I have no idea what to do there or where to start haha
  9. Sorry to be a bother! Anyone know a fix for this issue?
  10. I got it to compile on macOS, but the window was cropped and the game crashed when you topped out.
  11. Thank you very much for the game, Fev!
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    I don't quite understand how to change the controls, can someone help me? I want to play on keyboard.
  13. To change the controls, open game.cfg with a text editor and scroll down to P1CONTROLS. Here you can change the key bindings for piece movement and A/B/C/D buttons. Next to all these, you will see some controls already assigned. If you want to use arrow keys to move, use the "key codes" given above the controls configuration.

    It's important to know what actions the A, B, C, and D buttons do. A and C rotate counterclockwise while B rotates clockwise. D does an action depending on the mode selected (initially rotate 180 degrees, hold piece, or nothing).

    If you want to assign any control to a regular key on the keyboard (for example, the Z key), just type the letter in lowercase. If you want to use the spacebar, typing "space" or "spacebar" will not work. You must use its respective key code, which is K32.

    For example, this is my control setup, which uses the arrow keys for movement, Z/C for counterclockwise, X for clockwise, and space for the D button: Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 7.41.49 AM.png
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  14. i wonder if any joystick players have comments to share.
    although there are a few warnings / suggestions to play keyboard, and that the joystick implementation may be lacking, i noticed no issues whatever across ~1000 games.

    i have only one further thing to note at the moment. i play with 2 input displays, shiromino's and jstest which ~50% indicates 1 frame (of 60) in advance of the ingame display. no idea why and it doesn't seem significant.
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  15. Hi again, I didn't know there was a Vita port, so happy to have a portable TGM on my Henkaku Vita! Thank you.
    A question, this game does not support looped tracks, right? I mean, for example, a song of 1m15s, but the loop starts at 0m5s.

    I tried with a song, I appropiately looped it (I set the cue points using GoldWave) but in-game the music just started all over from the beggining.
    Or do I need to edit and add lines to some specific text file like with Texmaster?
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  16. Thanks for this game... It is amazing. It also feels lag free. I'm in no shape a good player but on my second run, I was able to hit lvl 421 at a rank1 & the next game I died at 390 with a rank of S1... This feels amazing ;)

    Thank you so much

    edit: This my first ever S1 :p ( in any TGM game :p )
  17. So i tried compiling it (so that i could bind my joystick buttons), and the game runs at roughly half speed. I tried the latest tag, no dice. I'm compilng via mingw32. Any hints?
  18. On linux, it works fine... :( I have no idea what to tell you... try in a linux VM maybe ?
  19. o/ XaeL nice that you built it. i read in the texmaster thread that the precompiled version works correctly for you: maybe you can try with joy2key or something similar to get around the hardcoded values. Quoting myself above for fun, and because i am pretty sure i have read that joy2key is recommended, although I haven't experienced any problems aside from a busted microswitch due to the game being too good.
  20. As a programmer i detest using joy2key to remap when there is joystick support. I mean it's so close to working, my rebinds work (lol at garantuan core.c) its just some library somewhere for timing is probably broken. Until i get this fixed i'm probably just going to keep laying texmaster

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