So I bought a VGA capture card...

Thread in 'Hardware' started by colour_thief, 18 Sep 2010.

  1. I got a new toy recently that should, in theory, let me capture up to 1024x768 VGA signals at 60fps losslessly. So I can capture some HD TGMA or JMT runs, or stream what I'm hoping will be sharp and fluid games of, say, Tetris Splash or whatever. Eventually I could even have some lossless Ti captures! :D There's also Lode Runner and Cave ports and whatever else I might start playing.

    This thread is just going to be a log of sorts as I set this stuff up. I know at least mufunyo is a video geek and will enjoy seeing it. For now, here's some unboxing pictures of the new equipment.

    The shipment...

    The contents...

    The VGA splitter package. It comes with this bizarre AC adaptor that has changeable heads for the power outlets of the world.

    The capture card itself!
  2. Muf


  3. Ai


    Looking forward to a fast Ti Sakura run and your other play!
  4. Still working some kinks out for getting good video, but for now I can tease with screenshots!

  5. Good stuff. Please do post more about this.
  6. Does this mean we can get 60Hz video of ACE?

    ...Does this mean we can get actual legitimate timings instead of hebo-developer guesses? :3
  7. zircean i am thinking it's kind of uncool to be discussing tgm cloning right now
  8. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    That's what we forgot... ACE Doubles!
  9. c_t, can you 1cc futari 1.5 in ultra mode ???
  10. hahahaha no

    Those shots were from a leaderboard replay.
  11. Muf


    What strikes me about the Futari screenshots is the haphazard mixing between low res nearest neighbour resized artwork and high res 1:1 pixel artwork. Did the art team not make the deadline or something? I think the game would look a lot better in an "arcade original" video mode where everything is low res.
  12. Yeah I was a little confused. The highest res thing I could find was that turtle, of all things, in the first screenshot. I think at least the player character and bullets should have been higher res.

    It looks pretty good in motion though. And I can forgive them for not retouching the backgrounds at all. Don't think that would have been economically reasonable to expect.
  13. K


    Damn i feel jealous about you :oops:
    but the price, ouch ouch !

    but it would be so awesome for DFK !
  14. Just checked epiphon's website for curiosity
    OUCH OUCH ! you should say

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