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    This year stunfest XIII, will be held at the same place as last year.

    date : 26-27-28 April 2013
    Most important : will we get a cabinet for TGM1/2/3 this year again ?
    Who is planning to come so we can anticipate hotel reservation.

    the most closest hotel is the campanile : 300m from the event.
    week price : ~74€
    weekend price : ~54€ (friday, saturday, sunday night)
    Only DOUBLE room !

    the previous years we stayed at the Kyriad hotel just in front of the train station.
    Week price : 105€
    weekend price : 85€ ((friday, saturday, sunday night)
    3 people by room.

    so who want to come and who want to share ?
    I confirm i'll be there from Friday to sunday afternoon. (maybe from thursday if we plan something together)
    - Amnesia is planning to come with a friend from Friday to sunday afternoon as well.

    Please tell if you want to come and want to share at campanile because they might be sold out fast..:V
  2. I'm def coming for this =)
  3. I should be there this year !
    I don't know yet when exactly and with who, but I should be there.
    I'll let you know asap. ;)
  4. I'm uncertain due to financial reasons.
    If I'm, however, able to make it, will arrive saturday morning and leave sunday night.
  5. K


    But, but, but how can we be sure that a cabinet will be available for TGM ?!? :sowsuser:
  6. As for the cabinets, you need to contact the dudes from 3hit combo and/or James on facebook.
  7. So guys, what are the news on your side ?
    Have you planned your trip ?
    Do you come in car, train, plane, flying carpet ?

    Unfortunately, the campanile is already full. But an Ibis Hotel not so far from the Stun seems to be available.
    I have nothing planned on my side. Not sure for the date, but I will be very flexible on this. If someone is still looking for someone to share a Hotel room, I'm candidate. ;)
  8. Flying carpet is too expensive, but I think you can consider the option of a Kyriad near the train station, if I'm not mistaken
  9. Man, I wish I could come to this this year. Sadly I can't but next year may be a possibility. I feel bad for not making it out to Europe two years in a row. :(
  10. Three of the best japanese shmupers are annouced to come to the Stunfest:


    Those guys have multiple world records on multiple shmups.
    Clover-Tac also had... the record on TAP double mode :)

    Dunno if he still plays tetris even every now and then though.

    PS: I will be there, will bring my TGM1 pcb and my TAP pcb.
  11. I got my tickets for Rennes, I'll be there to sleep at Friday night and Saturday night.

    Can someone share a hotel room with me for two days? Do you know any possible solution? Let me know by PM please, thanks.
  12. Please, take a lot of TGM videos and have fun !
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    So um, are there any photo galleries from past events or anything like that? What does the place look like? I'm curious because I've never been to a video game event before.
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    Oops, nevermind, I should've looked at the site (doh!). It looks interesting. How many people are there, usually?
  15. We currently are 6 - 7 people who know the game well there, but there are a lot of visitors and casual gamers. I guess that overall it's possible to use a cab often, like I did.
  16. K


    Votre serviteur passera en direct ce jour à 13h sur la scène principale du Stunfest pour une démo de TGM...
    Today on the stunfest main scene, TGM3 demo at 1PM

    Let's try to get the "don't shit in your pant" Grade :S
  17. On verra jouer un peu tout le monde ou simplement toi ?
  18. Can't get the video (what happened btw?), but it was an amazing event.

    Good to see Yoshiki, Amnesia and friends for the first time, it was a real pleasure, and I hope you guys take care so that we can meet again =)

    Hope to see you guys next Stunfest, though it may not be possible due to being in Japan next year. We'll see!
  19. The Stunfest is definitely the best event that I know so far.
    Each year, this event becomes better and better.

    It was really good to see all of you guys !
    2 Japanese players was also pretty good at TGM.
    One of them was Clover-TAC. I knew he was so impressive on shooting games, but I didn't knew that he masters TGM too ! I heard that he is the best TGM player on "double" mode ?!

    Congratulation for the show on the scene.
    That was awesome !

    Whatever you stop Tetris or not, I really hope to see you again.
    Enjoy your trip to Senegal ! :)

    Good to meet you too !
    See you next time. ;)
  20. does Tac still play TGM on a regular basis ?

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