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Thread in 'Competition' started by JBroms, 30 Jun 2017.

  1. Messing around with some MAME cheats at work, I discovered that one of the Big Mode cheats somehow stacks with Death, even though it doesn't work after putting in the code on a PCB.

    I've greatly enjoyed this combination. Big mode with the death speed curve is certainly interesting, and it feels nowhere near as clunky as big + 20g Master does. I've even experimented with adding in another MAME cheat and starting from 501!

    I decided to post my results and I hope that a few other people will try it out. @Caithness would definitely be good at this. If it catches on, I'll start up a leaderboard.

    In order to do this with MAME, you must enable the Big Block Mode cheat (the one not labeled "Alternative Verson"). I know this is also something that can be done in Nullpo. Not entirely sure on Texmaster, as I don't use it. Download the MAME cheats file here.

    Normal Start:

    501 start: (does that weird revert to 500 until you clear a line thing)

    Try it out, have some fun!
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  2. This has all the most addicting qualities of both of my favorite modes. What have you done?
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  3. I passed your 500 start score first. 329 is the best I've done starting from zero.

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  4. [​IMG]
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