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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. GG !! ***be warned squidlarkin; in my experience TGM milestones have always been farther than I imagine
  2. upload_2020-1-26_16-52-13.png
    stunned to get this huge a PB so far into the lategame, only need a few more like this to get GM :o
    (an 84 level jump)
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  3. 500

    No manual locking because I just wanted to get at least a 500 first.

    Under "game information" I am getting 60Hz, so it seems I am playing at a slightly slower than the actual game speed (and don't have the right emu version etc.). I might try to improve the time further, so it would be a good idea to get the right version (I am not sure which versions play at the right frequency).

    Also, what are the conditions for M? Is it just time constraint or there are some other conditions too?
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  4. 500
  5. the music stopped and my heart started POUNDING
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  6. Quarantine, day 4, my first M. I'm so happy!


    (MAME 61 Hz, keyboard, I'm *much* slower with joystick.)
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    GM in 5:49:66 (MAME 61.681173Hz)
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  8. Whoopsie I forgot to post my 5:14 here. Might as well post my 5:13:13
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  9. Broke my record. I think my stacking is good enough at this point that for the most part if I don't misdrop (which killed me too early here) I think I might be GM material at this point :)
    Took more than a year to beat my previous 671.
    Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 11.51.29.png
  10. level: 493
    run time: 03:40:11
    score: 32011
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Level: 457
    Time: 3:51:80
    TAP Death Record 2021-01-07.jpg

    So happy I found this thread. I was really happy when I managed this run last week but I had no idea it actually had a place on a leaderboard. Big motivation to keep trying to reach 500!
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  13. the discord server linked on is where most of the people from this site have ended up, as much as i hate forums slowly dying out in favor of big tech-owned social media platforms

    you can definitely hit 500/m if you keep practicing - it might sound infeasible at your current skill level but i would practice manually dropping pieces in the 300s and 400s in a clone (or you can back up your nvram if you're using mame and use cheats/tap's built-in debug mode) and simply trying to play faster instead of autolocking. it takes a while and i still have a hard time consistently reaching 500, but i hit m every single time i do and i play much faster now... although i do autolock from 500 onwards
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  15. Finally hit M!!!
    510 @ 3:27:81
    TAP pcb

    TADeath M 510.jpg
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  16. more than half way there EirkL ~~~ :D

    gg !
  17. Hello everyone!

    I recently came back to the game after a few years hiatus following getting my first death M.

    Took me a few months to get back to where I was before and I'm now happily better than I was at my peak, getting Ms every few days now :)


    I'm using the 61hz build.
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  18. Surprise 838 out of nowhere. I actually never thought I'd get to 999 but now it totally seems doable.

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