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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. did you see <a href=" ">this</a>?

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    Hope you don't mind my ignorance, but was the goal in the replay to clear combos?

    And another thing, how do you save replays? I can't seem to figure it out.

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    [​IMG] Did someone actually accomplished that without any aids? That is insane!

    1300 in 04:15:70 with the highest rank achievable in Heboris.
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    If you wanna save replays on Heboris, all you gotta do is hit a number(from 1 to 0) right after you finish your game. The game will state on screen which 'slot' you have saved onto.
  6. How do you get replays to work in Mac Heboris? Is it possible?
  7. Of course it works, same as the other versions.
  8. I tried putting the replay folder in the same directory as, but when I pick Replay from the main menu it says "No Replay Data".
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    i was thinking the same thing.... how do we save a replay to see where it puts it?
  10. here's how it works for me. after single player game has finished, i press a number (1 through 9, and 0). it saves the replay, and i can watch it later. here's my directoriage:



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    Jagorochi you rare a real Master now ! 8min 41 isn't it ??

    Congratulation..I hope I will success to follow your way..
  12. K


  13. Congrats jagorochi!
  14. mat


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    still can't get replays to work
  16. K


    Thank you all !

    I was very close to the limit and the recorded video show approximately well the real level you need for challenging M and Gm Grade (=M-roll challenge).

    So i encourage everybody to not believe that this is impossible, and hope that other western player will succeed !

    Time to Train this Invisible M-Roll now [​IMG]

    Merci ! vive la France ! Allez l'Europe !! [​IMG]
  17. I'll be happy surpassing S4 on TGM1. I don't play it that much though. Only when I feel like it.

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