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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. kai


    HAH, there it is!

    section clear!
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  2. Got my first M during CoD, level 541. No pic because I'm dumb and forgot to hold a button to stop the screen from fading out.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. New PB. GM @ 6:09:48

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  5. [​IMG]


  6. been there. pretty sure I got that about four or five times before actually getting the M
  7. [​IMG]

    been trying to get past level 400 in a run for a while, now to not immediately eat shit and die at 400 speeds
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  8. Hi! Quick update here: I'm going to be updating the leaderboards tonight/tomorrow and I'm in need of everyone's help here. Can Everyone please verify if your scores are running on PCB, MAME 60Hz or MAME 61.681173Hz? For now every score unverified will be marked with a "???". The reason why I'm doing this is because some players deem 60Hz MAME scores to be 'illegitimate' as they are running slower than the original game (giving you a tiny bit more time to react.) Nowadays the up to date versions of shmupmametgm run the game at the correct speed so I'd ask you to download the version linked in the original post.

    Thanks for the help!
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  9. The record listed on the first post is actually not my current record and should be updated.

    My record is Lvl 752 - 4:53:50
    This was done on MAME 60hz (old mame) on Nov 5, 2011

    Just realized that ever since updating to the fixed version of MAME I haven't set any new records whatsoever lol [feelsbad]
  10. im on new mame which is proper speed
  11. my 429 was set with mametgm64, so it should be at the proper framerate
  12. The issue is not every version of it has the fix for the correct speed. The easiest way to check is to boot up TAP and on the screen before the game starts, check to see if it's running at 60.000000Hz or 61.681173Hz
  13. Muf


    Hate to be pedantic, but refreshspeed and syncrefresh in mame.ini also need to be turned off in addition to that.
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  14. Mine is like that by default, so I assume it will be for most others'
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  15. Same. I don't think I've ever had that setting on despite using an older version of MAME.
  16. ah okay, sorry for needing clarification on that, it was using the fixed build, refreshspeed and syncrefresh are also off in the ini file

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  17. Muf


    I used to distribute an older MAME version with both of those options enabled by default (because it was prior to the 62fps thing being known). If you had upgraded from that version simply by dropping in updated MAME(TGM) binaries, the old ini file would prevent you from getting the right frame rate. I don't know if anybody did that, but it's good to check in case you did.
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  18. Well, my MAME says 61.68..., and I'm relatively new-ish, so...
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  19. Leaderboard updated!

    Slowly working my way through every leaderboard as we go along. So many people posting scores! Keep it up! :D

    Change Log:
    DrunkWario - 429 @ 03:25:15 - 04/22/19 - 61Hz
    Pezede - 500 @ 03:25:15 - 04/20/19 - Unverified
    Tomek - 428 @ 03:26:30 - 04:20:19 - Unverified
    xyrnq - 999 @ 06:09:48 - 04/15/19 - 61Hz
    Nick - 715 @ 04:38:61 - 04/07/19 - 61Hz
    Icefox - 541 @ ??:??:?? - 03/25/19 Carnival - PCB No proof
    Kai - 652 @ 04:12:96 - 03/27/19 - 61Hz
    Crashdown - 500 @ 03:56:50 - 03/06/19 - Unverified
    JBroms - 899 @ 05:25:93 - 02/22/19 - PCB
    Rednefed - 999 @ 05:59:68 - 02/20/19 - Unverified
    Xaphiosis - 500 @ 04:46:51 - 02/04/19 - Unverified
    Squidlarkin - 434 @ 03:43:78 - 02/01/19 - Unverified
    d4nin3u - 531 @ 03:29:00 - 11/22/18 - 61Hz?
    SwitchPalaceCorner - 699 @ 03:29:00 - 09/12/18 - Unverified
    EnchantressOfNumbers - 632 @ 04:09:33 - 08/17/18 - PCB
    Oliver - 652 @ 04:10:81 - 06/22/18 - PCB
    A731 - 358 @ ??:??:?? - ??/??/?? - Unverified No proof
    Eskatre - 999 @ 06:21:18 - 05/03/18 - Unverified
    Archina - 495 @ 03:37:91 - 04/01/17 - 60Hz

    I've also added a section to verify scores using the correct clock speed as some versions of MAME run the game at an incorrect 60Hz. While this won't affect scores directly, it will be a mark that those viewing the leaderboard can use to determine if they think the score it 'legit' or not. So for any users on this leaderboard or those planning to submit scores. please tell us if you are using a proper version of MAME or if you are playing on an official PCB!

    Also @mat It appears your video is dead so I can't scrape any info to place on the leaderboards. Could you re-upload the video/provide a screenshot/ect?
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